Don’t Give

When you think you will never find someone that will love you and prove it don’t look any further than f.b., I took a chance of meeting someone and even went as far as flying to another state. He didn’t show up, which really wasn’t a surprise but did hurt none the less.

Well, as I sat in the airport I started checking my mail and got contacted by a new dating site, low and behold I did some surfing and what did you think happened? The hottest guy close to by age and I have struck up quite the conversation.

What’s really nice is he is willing to come visit me instead of the other way around and that says a lot. When someone will go the extra mile to meet you that should tell you a lot and it has. I think we need to chat a bit more before he comes to the states but at least he shows that much interest in me.

No, he hasn’t laid the I love you line on me for which I am glad but he is sexy with a big S and such a gentleman. It’s not so easy to find someone my age that I am attracted to but he definitely has caught my eye and  we chatted for hours today, which is a good sign.

I put so much into a one sided relationship and I have found that it isn’t worth it as I do not mean enough to him to meet me. That’s ok because I know my worth even if he doesn’t and I am not going to waste my time on someone who won’t invest time into me.

Well, I have found someone that is interested in me and would like to meet me and we will see how things go, of course don’t you know he’s an aquarius and we have hit it off fantastically and I do hope things continue to go in the right path.

I’m not looking to get married but a relationship would be what the doctored ordered for me and he seems to be so loving, kind, intelligent, handsome, awesome body, romantic he is the full b

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