About Me


                    I am a 53 yr. old female mother of a 17 yr. old daughter and 15 yr. old son. My husband of almost 18 yrs. passed away last April and I started this blog as an outlet for the loss of my husband, the trials and tribulations of a widow, mother, women.

I do not pull any punches and I am straight forward and honest. I am sure some of my blog will make you laugh, cry, wonder, question and make you go hmm. but I am sure you will find it entertaining because I am one of those stupid funny people.

The kind of person that manages to do some strange shit just because. I am a kid at heart and prefer to live life that way as life gets to serious for me sometimes and I have to pull out my Mrs. Beasley doll for comfort.

I am very emotional and high-strung but damn I am fun and can make your day turn from shit to sunshine in a blink of an eye. I am a humanitarian and a very spiritual person, I love deeply, commit strongly, give to often and try to  help everyone.

I am self-sufficient and do not need anyone to take care of me but thank you for offering.  I am very brazen, sensual, sexual, excitable and compassionate. Yes, I have my faults but please, let’s focus on the good shit, and o ya my son and myself are bipolar.

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