Atom Bomb

My high school principal signed my yearbook an wrote Trenton High’s answer to the atom bomb. He knew me well and to this day I still am an “atom bomb”. I so enjoy being silly and it helps fill the loneliness.

I haven’t been in a man’s arms in over three years and the closest I have gotten to sex is molesting the mannequin in Target last week. It is definitely not  healthy to go without sex and the body requires it to be happy and yes that falls under maintenance.

So here is the atom bomb waiting for a maintenance man and it isn’t easy. I have never been one to date or go bar hopping. I do not seek out companionship and no I’m not a one night stand type of woman.

My hats off to my jacuzzi tub because without the help of the jets, I am sure I would have gone crazy by now. To many taboos have been painted by society and masturbation is like so taboo, what a bunch of bunk.

If masturbation were a crime and I’m sure is it somewhere, hell if I got convicted I would be doing a million consecutive life sentences. I am a woman who is not ashamed of much and wanting to feel sexy is a must for me.

No I am not stick thin quite the opposite as I am a bbw that loves lingerie and to be naked and that is me. I am a nature lover, animal lover and I love to laugh and to make people laugh.

Someday, someone will come into my life that will be a perfect fit but until then I just deal with day-to-day crap and look forward to traveling and getting laid with a whole lot of sensual moments.

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