Here I am World

It’s time to let go of the past and move forward, I am letting the world know that I am a widow with two teenagers, neither with me at this time and I am available to date. Yes, I’m putting it out there because the town I live in has very few and I mean few as in maybe 2 men that have a college education.

Even the police are morons, so you see I am looking for someone that is intelligent, tall, handsome, self made or seriously self motivated, open to all new adventures, interests, computers, travel, cooking, camping, reading, intelligent conversations, free spirit, open minded.

I am independent, out spoken, honest, straight forward, animal lover, photographer LOL, great cook and baker, love romance, very sensual and sexual, funny, a jack of all trades master of none.

I retired from a steel mill as an electrician and have wired my basement. I can fix most things myself and rely on myself. I am 53 to be 54 in November and a Scorpio. I am a bbw on the small side and  extremely emotional and empathetic, giving and help so many and they screw me over most of the time.

I have buried my entire family in the last six years and I take meds for bipolar, which is under control and I have no problems with it. I have dealt with more pain than anyone should and I am still standing.

So if interested and real, send me your stats-Kimberly

You Got It

I have let go of what will never be an actual relationship. He is with another woman and I think she may be pregnant. Good luck to them because I am out of the picture, I was going to send him a box of stuff but am putting it on ebay.

He has been in my life for 3.5 years but I have let him go, yes it’s done, over, finished and I have accepted that. I am going to start to live my life and open myself up to going out and dating.

I have too much to offer to sit and wait and be lead on and I am done with it. Now that I only have myself to worry about and my kitten, I’m free to travel and go and that’s exactly what I am going to do.

I will not stay home by myself at Christmas, hell no I’m going to Latin America and find me just what I like, romantic, sexy, hot latin man. I may be older and a bbw but latin men know the value of a good heart versus a hot body that will turn in time.

I am not bitter nor angry as it was what it was and nothing more and I accept that but it’s time for this ole gal to mosey down the road and get a life and that is what I am doing starting tomorrow.