You do not trust yourself that is why you do not trust me, you do not believe in yourself and that is why you do not believe in me. I am not you, not remotely and because you lack the faith in yourself you cannot put faith in others. I will not chase you and I will not wait and I do not care what you do any longer.

You hurt me, I hurt you it’s over-you are going to be a new dad and marry so enjoy your life, move on forget me and quit posting shit that is hurting me. I am deleting everyone that posts things that hurt me and that is the way it has to be. You are happy and fulfilled so be on your way, be happy and enjoy what you have for now.

When You Believe

I looked up into the sky the other evening and I saw it all, the stars shining down the love of heaven and all the goodness God possesses. I saw it in the heavens, my future happiness heading my way. I saw myself smiling, happy and loved-finally feeling whole and unique once again.

The moon was full and bright and I saw his beautiful blue eyes and his alluring smile, the brightness in his face. My greatest love of all, one day, someway, somewhere sometime maybe not on earth but definitely heaven. Silly man is he as he reads into paragraphs words that are not there.

His heart begins to ache and he lashes out to hurt me because he is hurt and feeling rejected. Foolish man has no faith in my love and devotion, committment and respect. Blind man cannot see what he has in me and no doubt never will. I lie naked and surrendered to him yet he does not see it or have faith in me.

God gave me one important thing and that is my word, my word is my bond and I live by it. I do not cheat as I am not a child that must sneak around and lie, not happy? pack it and move on don’t cheat as that hurts everyone not just you. Lie? why lie, once again I am an adult and liars lie out of fear and I have nothing to fear.

Wish this man harm? LOL now that is really rewarding isn’t it? Real productive and helpful. I sent him love and happiness and wish him best, him his new wife and daughter. I wish them health and happiness as what I send out comes back to me and hate and anger I do not need any of.

Who Is He?

He is a very, compassionate young man of 17, he has no parents and lives with a step father and his wife. He is a great kid and has come to be a very good friend to me. He helps me with anything I need and he listens to me, he is not a young man of 17 intellectually and his compassion is incomparable.

He sat he with me the last few nights and hugged me while I broke down, it wasn’t sexual or sensual-it was one person comforting another-he made me something to eat, has cleaned up for me and ran errands. We are not lovers, not even close-in more like I have another son.

I do not know what I would have done without James, honestly I believe he has saved my life in many ways. I am helping him as much as I can and he is helping me tenfold. So if you think we have a sexual relationship-turn around and do not even go there and even though I am dealing with a bad situation, I try to focus on something else for a while and I write.

You fool, I will write of you, us, my fantasies and that isn’t going to change, so get a fucking grip, quit trying to make me jealous and hurt me because it isn’t going to work. I wish you all the happiness in the world what more could you possibly ask for? You are the master of your mind and if you let it wonder, it will take you into places you shouldn’t even go.

The Door Does Hit You In The Ass

I have been trying to keep you out of my life because all you do is hurt me but you just won’t go. You have a gf knocked her up and posted the pic, wtf is wrong with you? Must you continue to hurt me because you are so damn insecure and assume things without proof to back them up.

Well I dumped your sorry ass off my fb, ya I know there’s another 1499 profiles that are yours-just go the fuck away will you? I don’t need this shit especially right now but you are so damn self centered and narcissistic you have to make things all about you and your damn feelings.

You may your choice and now that’s she is knocked up, well there ya go your new wifey-please just leave me alone, all I have done is love you and help you and all you have done is continuously hurt me. I can tell you as long as you have contact with me and ask me to help you jack off you and her will go nowhere EVER.

Do you love me? NO Do you care? A tad bit-based on that information you have a small amount of caring for me which I would hope you would be man enough to be gone as you know you are destroying me, my son just did that please do not do it as well. Hell, it’s to late it’s a done deal.

Please, leave my life and let me be happy because you do not want any part of my life-

You Are A Mess

When are you going to get your shit together and be a man? You and AB are going nowhere fast and you damn well know it so quit playing mind games with yourself. I have lost all respect for you as a person and feel sorry for you because you are more fucked up than I could ever think of being.

You IM to help you jack off, want to see my tits and your bitch is sitting at home with her belly full of you. I must say that was the final stab to the heart and the twist and further push. You really know how to hurt someone don’t you, thanx-so have the love birds set the day to get married?

Like divorce that much do ya? good luck enjoy your new family AND NEVER EVER FUCKING CONTACT ME AGAIN MOTHER FUCKER

You Make Me Want To Puke

I was waiting for you to post that pick of the baby and sure enough you did, so when is Salina do? Happy now you got your bitch knocked up? So when is the marriage? Building her a nice big house? You ARE A COMPLETE FUCKING ASSHOLE, HOW DARE YOU IM ME TO HELP YOU JACK OFF WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU CRAZYDOTCOM? ASSHOLE WHAT AN ASSHOLE

Who Am I Doing?

You may think I am in bed with a new lover but then again it could be just another fantasy now couldn’t it. It could be a fantasy of us for all you know but then again it could be a new lover now couldn’t it. Would I finally take the dive with someone else or would I save myself for you and you alone?

Don’t you wish you knew the truth? Do you hope it’s just a fantasy? Does it bother you at all that another man would be touching my body? Be inside me? Bring me to ultimate orgasms and delightful evenings of kissing and caressing? Would you begrudge me some physical love?

Of course you do because in your mind it’s ok to be boning another bitch while I am by myself. Well, bone away and enjoy yourself because I will not shed another tear over you being with someone else. You do what you must and think what you may as I do not care, this is my life and I live it for myself and no one else.

The next time you see your great AB think of her and her alone, not me because you cannot build a relationship with another in your mind. Does she know about me? Of course not, will you tell her? I seriously doubt it, you don’t want to lose your convenient partner and the sex.