Who Am I Doing?

You may think I am in bed with a new lover but then again it could be just another fantasy now couldn’t it. It could be a fantasy of us for all you know but then again it could be a new lover now couldn’t it. Would I finally take the dive with someone else or would I save myself for you and you alone?

Don’t you wish you knew the truth? Do you hope it’s just a fantasy? Does it bother you at all that another man would be touching my body? Be inside me? Bring me to ultimate orgasms and delightful evenings of kissing and caressing? Would you begrudge me some physical love?

Of course you do because in your mind it’s ok to be boning another bitch while I am by myself. Well, bone away and enjoy yourself because I will not shed another tear over you being with someone else. You do what you must and think what you may as I do not care, this is my life and I live it for myself and no one else.

The next time you see your great AB think of her and her alone, not me because you cannot build a relationship with another in your mind. Does she know about me? Of course not, will you tell her? I seriously doubt it, you don’t want to lose your convenient partner and the sex.

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