Sitting In A Chair

Are you still

Sitting in the chair

Thinking  about


Are you thinking about


Have you 

Weighed her



Well all I can

Do is


You need

To decide

Who is

Really in

Your heart

And where

You want to


You know that

I am


And incomparable

But you still

Compare us


Don’t waste

Your time

Because I am


And will

Always be

Who you



When A Man Loves A Woman

When men are in love it is quite different from a woman, most of the time. Men think of sex first and foremost and woman think of love. When a man loves a woman he will contact her daily and try to impress her in the beginning and same with women. Women are sneaky bitches these day and men have to protect themselves.

There are women are there that will get knocked up and try to get married, which of course never does last and another divorce is on the docket. I know longer believe in marriage with a legal document  because if you really love someone you shouldn’t need to get married and you shouldn’t have to have a kid to solidify the relationship.

Men usually are not as emotional as women but they can get just as mean and nasty as a woman scorned. I can see getting upset but not taking it further than some hateful words. When you start posting pics that are hurtful for someone to see on fb then you really need to  step back and take a look at yourself and what you are trying to achieve.


Life Get You Down-Grab A Snickers

I am finally able to relax, first time this week and knowing my son is where he is suppose to be and getting help is a major relief. I have a bad habit, I love chocolate and I like to freeze snicker bars and eat them. I have tons of other bad habits but I won’t go into those now. I sat down and chowed on that snicker bar and it was good.

Sometimes you just have to fulfill your craving and kick back and say wtf-sometimes you just have to think of yourself and put the oxygen mask on yourself first then your child. I am surprised I am as stable as I am over all of the dram but I am pissed off because we have a volunteer fire dept.

The detective from the police dept. is a volunteer the s.o.b. stole my weed and my scale! What the hell is wrong with these cops? I have a medical marijuana card but he stole the shit, yep just friggin snatched it up. I feel a dark veil lifted from my head and I know that is bad to say but my child was slowly killing me.

I love my kids to distraction but cannot allow them to run my life or try to ruin it either. Kids are selfish and do not see the worth of their parents until they are like twenty-five. I hate to say it but I am so looking forward to my son graduating in the next two years, then is when my life will once again be my own.

What The Hell

I only woke up once last night and ran into the great room looking for Ryan, he has severely traumatized me. I see his lips turning blue and I gag. I can finally eat and shit like a normal body should. I finally got my bedroom almost clean and the great room furniture moved around.

I am starting to get motivated again which is great because my son has made me very depressed and when people post things on my fb which I know are pointed at me it really hurts and makes my life so much harder. I am sitting on the couch now eating a frozen stouffer’s dinner of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and green beans and carrots.

I usually do my own cooking but it’s been draining running to the hospitals and will start cooking soon. I’m wearing a wife beater t shirt and shorts and I am mentally fried. This situation with my son makes me shake my head and say what the fuck. I can do nothing for my son as I have done all I can and pray that he is in a long term care.

I finally feel relief and can breathe again but my son is really mad at me and I do not know why. I am assuming he is pissed over something related to my husband. He has to deal with the anger before his life will get better and I hope he can get rid of his demons.


Kissing is an art that I have found most people do not possess. You do not suck the other person’s lips into your mouth or have sloppy wet lips that want to devour have of ones face. Kissing requires most lips, slowly kissing the neck and ear, the side of the face over to the lips.

The kiss should possess power yet be gentle, demanding but in a needy way and the kiss should involve the dance of the tongues. Kissing is what makes love-making so powerful, exciting, and memorable. A great kisser is hard to find and it is also hard to find someone who enjoys kissing.

I enjoy kissing so much as I let my hands run over the tight ass and thighs, the groin and the chest. I get so turned on kissing and touching because the excitement is so heightened. I miss kissing so much and it’s the one thing I can’t do to myself, where is my great kisser?