Open The Window

When you open a window a new fresh breeze blows in and that is what I have come to realize. I say I love someone and then tell him to go away. The truth is I love him but I do want him to go away because It’s to painful to know that there never will be an us and we both must accept that.

He must let go of a dream that he isn’t willing to follow and I must accept he will never move forward with me. This is so damn hard to swallow but it’s the pill that will bring only truth into my life. I can no longer fight day after day without a support system and he isn’t it. He lies in bed with his AB and is happy without sex, so I guess that is the relationship of happiness for him.

This is all well and good but what about me? What about the woman who helped him in his many hours of need? The woman who has loved him even though she knows he lies to her constantly? What about the woman who is a good person and her happiness? Do you not think it time to cut this woman loose to find love for herself?

Being a man isn’t always easy but be the man God intended you to be and leave this woman’s life because you are the plug keeping her filled with pain and loneliness. Pull yourself out of her life and let the pain and loneliness drain and let her be filled with love always.