So Many Lack

So many people lack confidence, they fear rejection and do not want others to see the real person that they are. They hide within themselves until someone special comes into their lives and opens Pandora’s box. This person is understanding and accepting of all of your faults and failures and they still lift you up.

They see the real you, the person you don’t want others to know because the pain in your life paints your heart a deep crimson and you fear that color will be brightened once again. You cannot bare the pain that comes with love and lost of love and you do not know how to move forward.

You seek love at every turn and think you find it over and over because you are actually in love with being in love. You so enjoy the feeling of being in love that you get into relationships that end up draining you and taking a part of you out the door. You refuse to accept the truth before you and you fight it every day.

The woman who should be in your life is before you but you are too foolish to let her in. You waste time with one that will not fulfill you even though you accept what is offered on the surface. Side by side night after night exhausted and not missing sex does not make a happy relationship.

The relationship you seek is true, all-consuming and you think of no one but her all day and dream of her at night. You stalk her and fantasize about her touch and you touching her. You dream of making love to her and think of her when you are making love to AB, it’s time to stop and look at where your life is headed and who you plan on being with forever.

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