Escape To Fantasy Land

I have been diving into a fantasy land to escape the pain of what has been going on with my son. I escape into a dream like state and I am standing on a balcony with the chiffon dress blowing in the breeze. It is white and see through and as he walks up behind me, he caressed my breast tenderly and caring.

He kisses my neck every so slowly and works down to my should blade. He leads me to the bed and sits me down and removes his clothes. We lie side by side holding hands and talking, I turn to face him and put my knee on his thigh and my head on his chest.

We speak quietly about the days events and we have no desire for sex, just intimacy. It’s the moments of intimacy that build the relationship, not the moments of sex. When people realize intimacy is needed so badly they will find that they are much happier.

To Love Me

I will tell you square away I am a bitch on wheels because life has made me that way. If you want to love me you better eat your post toasties, cheerios and wheaties to keep up with me sexually. You must like to laugh and be silly, letting the child within out.

You must like romance and hand holding, kissing in the rain, and making snow angels. You must like the earth and camping, traveling, humanitarianism, spiritual helps, enjoy reading, computers, always learning, and being daring.

You must be sensual and erotic, methodical and passionate, you must be flexible and not demanding on my time as I would not demand your time. I want a relationship where we do our own thing when apart and when together enjoy the hell out of each other.

If I am with you, there is no one else and I expect the same from you. I expect you to be a passionate kisser and love maker, a man who can please me at every turn. A man who knows the worth of this lady and respects her for it.

On My Nerves

Things that get on my nerves:

My neighbor, he’s an asshole

Waiting in line at the store

Waiting in line at the gas station

Waiting for a red light

Waiting for the dumb bitch to write her check at the grocery

My kids

Waiting period

restaurants that serve food with bugs in it

waiting for a repairman that is late

waiting for a special letter

waiting for a guy to put on a condom

waiting for love

I spend to much time waiting and I am sick of it, hurry up and let’s get on with the show

waiting for a special letter

waiting for love

I spend to much time waiting and I am sick of it, hurry up and let’s get on with the show


Why is it you wash two sox and when you take them out of the dryer, there isn’t two but only one?

Why is it you buy a ten pack of hotdogs and can only buy an eight pack of buns?

Why is it your kids wait until Sunday night to do their laundry and want you to stay up and put it in the dryer?

Why is it nobody can change the toilet paper roll?

Why is it nobody wants to fold towels but uses them?

Why is it when the kids through something away and they miss the  will walk by it a million times?

Why is it the history books don’t teach our kids about Vietnam?

These are some of the why’s that bother me but the toilet paper roll really pisses me off!


As most of you know I have a stalker and he is up to his old tricks again screwing with my computer. He is quite intelligent but I prefer not to discuss him. I have learned the only way for me to get any peace is to ignore him. People hate being ignored but it’s the only thing I have left.

He feels he has the power to control me but he does not, no one does and never will. I am enjoying the action I am getting on the dating sites and I am quite surprised that I have so many men interested in me. It has blind sided me because I really didn’t expect to get any action, until the scammers found me of course.

It’s a beautiful fall day with the sun shining in the windows and I am feeling pretty damn good today for a change. I have a friend coming over saturday to put up the doors for me and do some other work. We actually went out in high school and he is a gem, a real nice guy but married.

I have no interest in being part of the break up of any marriage and will not be a lean-to for someone who doesn’t have the balls to leave without having a woman in the wings. I don’t play that way and never will as cheating is just so, so fucked up, for me at least. What others do is up to them not me to judge them.

I have been asked out by one guy I met on a dating site but I am leery about meeting people, it’s to soon for me as I do not know enough about him. Some of these guys think they are going to get a piece the first time out of the barn, but they are sadly mistaken because I do not put out for a while.