Who’s The Boss

Yes, I am a grown woman of 52 or 53 not sure and don’t care but I have finally accepted the fact that I am no longer the boss of my own domain. I got this crazy bitch running around here chasing flys and eating them, she thinks my chest is her specific playground and nap place. She has pissed in every potted plant I have and at night she insists on playing with my toes and she still has her nails. She is such an ungrateful little bitch as I saved her from the pound. But just like any kid, she just takes me for granted, give me water, food and clean my litter box is all she wants. Isn’t it amazing how our pet’s control our lives? Have to be home by ten mcgregor needs his insulin shot, or we talk to our dogs and actually act like they are talking back. Older people are really crazy about their pets, they put special blankets on the couch for them, buy them clothes, stairs to get up on the blanket on the couch, feed them chicken cut up in bite size pieces.         I think most people get love from their pets and not their spouses, look at the fight over pets in divorces. I must say, I loved my dogs more than my husband, there it’s out in the open what a terrible wife I was, damn now I feel better. Ya, I took care of him like a nurse and we became best of friends, but lovers? LOL not a chance in hell. So here I lay with my companion and my pain in the ass all day as she follows my every move and starts running around almost tripping me. She is a riot, yes Ms. Khloe is a trip and she makes me laugh which is good. She is great company and so sweet. 

As you can see even Khloe needs a view xanax to get through the night as the house is a crazy ward all by itself.

Dangers Of Nudity

I confess I love being naked, I walk around naked all the time,unless the kids are home. I have discovered several dangers that can cause you much pain.

  1. Never fry bacon naked without a lid to protect your boobs from the splattering grease
  2. Never work on your vacuum with it plugged in, those brushes hurt like hell
  3. Don’t eat hot food when naked, I tend to miss my mouth burn the shit out of my boobs
  4. Don’t answer the door naked, the kids think it’s Halloween and run for their lives
  5. Do not accept packages from UPS the driver tends to fall down the steps as he is leaving
  6. Don’t play with your kitten that isn’t declawed-O DAMN

I can tell you first hand that bacon splatter is a mother fcker, stay away from wringer washer to, instant mammogram-



Why are you letting me be alone at this time? Is there someone else? Of course there is, how stupid could I be? Why do you follow me if you love her? You do not love two people, if you loved her you wouldn’t be following me. I am hanging on by my finger tips but I am trying to move on because I do not want to be alone.

I don’t want to let you go, you have been a great fantasy but I do not like being alone, it makes me sad and remember the past. I want to move forward, be in love and share my tears and laughter with you but you don’t want me but follow me, why? I do not understand I really do not.

Are you waiting for the court date to be over and I’m off probation? No, you have forgotten about that I am sure, I just need a sign from you one way or the other because I am going crazy and you are hurting my heart.

Lost Without You

It’s so hard to walk away from someone you love, not out of anger-no there was no fight. It’s just the feeling of helplessness, the it’s never going to be feeling. I do not know if I am giving up to soon and things will turn around and we will be together or if I am dragging my heart behind me looking for a safe place to mend?

I really have no desire to date but I am forcing myself to at least register on the sites. It’s hard when you’re heart isn’t into it and not even a hot looking guy excites you. It’s really a rather sad situation as I have no clue what to do, I love him that much. Am I a fool or a hopeless romantic?

What To Do

What do you do with all the emotions that have stolen your heart? What can you possibly think when the two of you are apart? How do you know if he loves you at all? How do you know if you are the one for him? How do you know if he is lieing with another? How do you know if he hasn’t made her a mother?

What do you do with all these feelings and no validation? This is called love, not a recreation, so what do you do? Why will he not speak? Why will he not release me from my person penitentiary? I beg him to please just tell me, will there ever be an us? Or is it nothing more than lust?

Sleepless In Paris

Wouldn’t you be worn out if you had traveled to all the countries below in less than twenty four hours?
United States 
United Kingdom 
New Zealand 

Well, I happen to have a no see relationship with the person doing this traveling, we have found it to be more exciting not to meet each other as that always keeps us guessing about the other one. Now isn’t that a new way to have a relationship? Ya, I know it’s pretty fucked up but you have to tell him that.

He’s afraid of me, afraid I might control him, take away his freedom like he is some little boy. He lies, he lies a lot and I just laugh because he has no reason to lie. I am not going to beat him, scream at him or punish him, so lieing is foolish. He follows my every move and I am not quite sure why.

To be honest I would love to have a real relationship with him but at this point body rental would do just fine. He’s a kinky fucker and loves porno. He just can’t help himself, he fantasizes all the time and he is the jack off king of the world. Bet his mom washed a lot of dirty sox when he was growing up, sorry mom.

I really would like to see him take better care of himself, get more rest, eat right come to me and get laid right, you know the little things that make life worth living. He’s either got a girlfriend or he is bisexual with a lover and I do not know which, my luck he’s bisexual.

Just To Much

Ok,  I join some dating sites, I’m picky because these guys are something else. I am only five ft. six inches and I like tall men. This cheap ass who doesn’t want to pay the membership fee sends me this email and here is profile:

Strong type A profession, well-educated, and very fit and in shape.

Looking for 1 woman to be my partner in crime. Looking for great conversation, quality time together on an ongoing basis. I am an avid reader, runner, love working out, fine dining and taking you shopping. You will not be disappointed.

Would you like to be pampered, pleased, I am into the teasing and erotic. I want you to push my limits, I am a pleaser and will please you to no end. I can be you light at the end of the tunnel.

Are you into taking charge or having someone take charge for you? Would you like to have total control over me? tease and deny me?

Do you like to role play or have your limits pushed or push someone else;s lets explore your mind and body.

I will be your teacher or your pet for your use or abuse, I will show you ways to enjoy your body that you thought were not possible.

Must be a discrete relationship, no I am not married

thank you

What I’m Looking For
looking for a woman for an erotic ongoing relationship, I am into body worship and power exchange. I am looking for a woman to serve or be served both mentally and physically.

Sorry but I had to laugh as soon as I read it, he’s probably bald as well, I know I’m a terrible person. RONFLMAO

Quarters Only Please

Have you ever noticed that vending machines usually only accept quarters? Now in this economy that just isn’t right, as there are many times all I have is pennies, nickles and maybe a dime. It’s a damn shame the girl with 5 kids and each one has a different daddy and of course she has an I-phone 5 and a welfare recipient.

It just isn’t fair, I worked as an industrial electrician for twenty-three years and I can’t afford to buy myself a piece of ass. They should put men in a can and purchase them for a buck twenty five. That way you never get cheated if he doesn’t give you an orgasm. I think they should have vending machines selling marijuana and I think it should be legalized.

Marijuana was used by the indians as medicine, it’s a natural weed that has a medical purpose yet it is treated like it’s heroin. People have been so damn brain washed by out government. I don’t know what this world is coming to but I want to enjoy what is left of it before I croke.