Dangers Of Nudity

I confess I love being naked, I walk around naked all the time,unless the kids are home. I have discovered several dangers that can cause you much pain.

  1. Never fry bacon naked without a lid to protect your boobs from the splattering grease
  2. Never work on your vacuum with it plugged in, those brushes hurt like hell
  3. Don’t eat hot food when naked, I tend to miss my mouth burn the shit out of my boobs
  4. Don’t answer the door naked, the kids think it’s Halloween and run for their lives
  5. Do not accept packages from UPS the driver tends to fall down the steps as he is leaving
  6. Don’t play with your kitten that isn’t declawed-O DAMN

I can tell you first hand that bacon splatter is a mother fcker, stay away from wringer washer to, instant mammogram-


6 thoughts on “Dangers Of Nudity

  1. There is both truth and humor to your words, as nudist the wife and I can attest to them. WE are nude at home all the time and have encountered several issues that alter the day though briefly. Have answered the door nude on occasion with varying reaction but not to kids.

    • I do not understand why people make such a big deal out of being nude. I am always nude at home and people can bitch all they want but i am comfortable

      • They seem to have many reasons why they think there is something wrong with those us who enjoy our nudity, especially at home “your” sanctuary. We explain to them that simple nudity is simple honesty, you can’t hide anything this is who we are. If that’s reason to end a friendship, so be it !

      • people are so damn stuck on themselves for all the wrong reasons, I am not thin, young, rich, but somewhat attractive and if someone doesn’t like my body fuck em i dont care thanx again mwaahhhh stay naked and frisky

  2. Hey girl that’s the nice part of being a nudist and having nude friends. Your not judged for being poor, rich, skinny, fat, young or old. Their is beauty in all !! As nudist we and our friends agree that we probably have better sex lives than our textile friends. Stay nude babe and stay happy !!

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