The Downside Of Sex

Ok, I’m not going to beat around the bush, most women do not like to give blow jobs, but they enjoy when their man goes down on them, unless of course he is one of these lousy drivers. A lousy driver has to be told to the right, up a bit over to the left and on and on.

I have been with men that I could read the wall street journal and still have time to read a novel. Most men have no idea what they are doing and the clit is the last place they head for. Sex requires learning and experimenting but when you are a johny on the spot and roll over well don’t complain.

Take time to learn on the computer, learn how to make her squirt and have multiple orgasms, life is to short to miss out on an orgasm, as far as I am concerned life should be one humongous orgasm for all to enjoy.

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