Multi Colors

Have you ever completely shut out the world, closed your eyes open your arms wide and whirl in a circle feeling life? Have you ever noticed how the world is multi colored? Have you ever stood in the center of no where and just enjoyed the serenity of the moment?

Bet you haven’t done any of the above and think I am  a freak of nature. Well, that is really sad because absorbing the beauty that is before us and doing it away from everyone else gives you a new perspective on what is really important in your life. All the crap is weeded through and the important things comes bubbling up to the surface of the brain.

The world is such a beautiful place and I am not so sure that it is round, I mean all I have done is read that it is round but have no proof. It’s like we have been taught Christopher Columbus discovered America this is a lie, he did no such thing as he was the second man to discover America.

I think there is beauty within every person, even the ones I have no use for. We are all beautiful beings with a purpose and a mission and do not believe otherwise. Do an act of kindness today and see how it feels, it feels good and it is rewarding. It would be so nice if there was a day specific for random kindness.

I know I am a dreamer and dreamers appear to be flighty and flakey and maybe I am but that’s ok because being flaky requires butter so butter me up and eat me.

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