Our Naughty Side

Everyone has a naughty side, you can deny it but you know it’s the truth. I like to write about erotic fantasies of my own and have a blog that I share these fantasies eroticfantasylife.wp.com I do not consider my thoughts “dirty” just normal especially for someone who hasn’t had sex in three years.

Yes, I am aware this is a very unhealthy lifestyle but I just cannot jump into bed with someone, it’s not that easy for me. I have to know something about the person more than their first name. How do I get satisfied? using toys of course and the jets in my bathtub. As a mature woman I enjoy an orgasm several times a day if at all possible but usually I am lucky to slip one in.

My kids know I have toys because as kids they have been snooping into my nightstand drawer. Kids always think their parents drawers hold secret prizes for them to take but they end up cracking up because they have found a sexual aid, which of course also grosses them out.

I finally have doors on my bedroom and basement and yes they  have locks on them. Unfortunately I have no choice but to have a lock on my door as I will have to keep all the knives locked up and the meds, its called suicide prevention as I can no longer trust Ry not to hurt himself.

Back to my erotic blog-I do not find it in the least bit offensive but some of you might, I am not ashamed of my body or any of my pics or words that I have written. I am who I am and that is not going to change, take me or leave me. I am quite comfortable in my own skin and few women that are BBW cannot say that.



3 thoughts on “Our Naughty Side

  1. Love this blog. We all have erotic fantasies at one time or another. Most do not have the soul to share these fantasies, happy that you do. Wife and I have discussed our sexual fantisies for some time, they are a turn on. We like seeing other people naked, other people having sex and we enjoy being seen nude as well. It all makes our sex life better. Because of business and family we sometimes are apart for a week or 2. We both understand we are left to pleasure our selves in the others abscence. We have mutually masterbated together on skpe. As you say we are comfortable in our own skin.

  2. Yes, we hope you can put your problems behind you soon. Love that sassy imagination you have, after all, life is about being happy !! 🙂

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