You can always tell a man who is cheap when you go on certain dating sites, most of the sites want you to join of course but I am not spending a dime because there are to many scammers on the sites.

The serious ones join and have full access. Not that they are serious either but you have a better chance of meeting someone who is a full member. My profile even says they need full access to contact me but the stupid fools still contact me and I cannot contact them.

No big loss as far as I am concerned, as I am in no rush to meet anyone as I must investigate them before I deal with them. O and let’s not forget my stalker, he’s already found me on one site, he wastes no time as he was already on there scamming away.

It’s so easy to tell a scammer when you have dealt with them before so I do not get my hopes up or waste too much time playing with them. It’s a shame life is like this but that’s the way it is and I deal with it accordingly.

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