The Silence

The silence in this house really is strange as I am used to Ry being here with me. It’s not easy getting used to entering a house by yourself when you was always noise when you opened the door before. It’s comforting in a way and peaceful and I can lie on my couch in my jeans and topless.

I decided to treat myself since I have been put through hell. I went cyber shopping and bought some corsets, over the boobs and a couple under the boobs. They are fun white, red, and black and pink-they are going to be fun to wear, I put them on and take some pics and then put them away in hopes one day I can wear them for my great love.

Sometimes you just have got to reward yourself because nobody else will reward you that’s for sure. I like lingerie, I like it a lot and think every woman should wear lingerie, for herself if no one else. We are sexual beings and should enjoy the simple pleasures of life and lingerie is one of them.

6 thoughts on “The Silence

  1. This is an interesting point of view, one which I agree with. I have always thought a woman should have nice sexy lingerie, weather she wears it for someone else or herself. It’s un-thinkable that one’s self esteem would not get a boost dressing in this manner. It’s not wrong to want to feel sexy and see yourself sexy !! I love buying my wife lingerie and she loves providing me with the show. However, I have to confess my very favorite is when she wears only heels and jewels ! 🙂

  2. Hey girl, glad you enjoyed our insight. We are nudist and I enjoy her nude body everyday. However nothing to me is more erotic than dressing in sexy lingerie, it’s the tease factor. She love the accolades I give her and she likes the way she looks as well, which all goes to boost her self-esteem. As a postive side to that we often take sexy pics both in and out of the lingerie, which turns us both on !

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