Long Distance

Long distant relationships take special people to make it work, that’s basically the only type of relationship I would feel comfortable with. I really don’t want someone coming over all the time as I have my son and this is our home and I am a very private person.

Being with someone 2-3 times a month would work for me just fine as long as we had other forms of communication. Sometimes, when you are just getting back into the dating scene, a long-term relationship works fine and for me it would be perfect. I cannot go anywhere until my son graduates and I will not uproot him.

I don’t think I would want to see anyone more than several times a month at this point in my life. I want to get to know someone slowly and that would be the best way for me. Long distant relationships show the real person in many ways, how they deal with anticipation, frustration, anger, resentment all these emotions come out over time.

I do not want to get married but would if it would help my husband out, I would do what I had to help him out with what little I have to offer. Sometimes people have long distant relationships because they are convenient for them or they fulfill the needs and sometimes they happen because there is no way the relationship could work any other way at that time.

If your love can withstand a long distant relationship and all the restraints on it, then you know you have something special, something long-lasting and something that will last a lifetime. I want a lifetime with someone, the man of my dreams, the man who holds my heart but I doubt it will ever happen and that hurts.

When You Love

When you love someone they are always on your mind, you think of them constantly and wonder what they are doing, and you dream about them. When you love someone no matter if you are mad at them you always want the best for them. When I love someone I am totally consumed with wanting to protect them.

That is the first thing that comes to mind, is protecting them and wanting them to succeed in whatever they are doing. This isn’t limited to my heart’s desire but my friends as well. Protecting those I love is so important to me and I send out a special prayer daily for them.

I think sending protection and surrounding them with love is more important than anything else. It doesn’t matter if they love me or not because what I do is what I do, not what others are expected to do. I have learned so much about love from someone who I never expected to fall in love with.

I never knew what it felt like to be in love, but I do now and it’s a great feeling expect when you are disagreeing, then it’s very painful. The man I love has every ounce of love I could give someone, he means the world to me and he has helped me deal with some very hard times.

The one thing I want more than anything is to be with him and I pray every day that we will meet. He says he wants to come to me and I know he can but chooses not to and I do not know why. He knows how much this hurts me but nothing has changed and I need him so much.

Even though I love him with all my heart I cannot put my life on hold and I have to be open to meeting other men, which I am with lack luster. I do not want to meet anyone else but I have no choice but to be open to dating other men but you have to do what you have to do to find happiness.

Kick Em

Why are people such users and take advantage of people when they are down? How can people live with themselves stealing from the elderly, sick and people in bad situations? What has happened to this world I once knew?

The night after my son tried to commit suicide I was a total mess, completely scattered and had a difficult time processing things that were going on around me. This guy that was supposed to do work for me, well I found him in my house when I got back from the hospital.

I had forgotten to close and lock the door next to my garage, that door is a separate entrance into my basement. He was in my house stealing and I didn’t even know it, he stole my sons computer, sony headphones, my reader and I do not know what else.

He stole my brand new opera gloves three pairs and my white corset. I am so pissed I could choke him to death. Who is this piece of shit anyway? Someone I thought was going to be a good referral until he never showed up on time, like hours late or he didn’t show up at all-I knew then he had to go.

He’s telling the police we had an agreement, bullshit he says we had a verbal agreement. Ya, we had a verbal agreement that he would give me a written estimate. The guy thought I would pay him 700.00 to install two rooms of carpeting, that isn’t including the carpeting.

If I would have seen the estimate at the beginning I would have blown him off. He isn’t capable of writing up an estimate. The guy has no business sense at all, and then my son tells me the guy makes his living by collecting scrap and selling it.

This guy is suppose to be like a handyman the only think he’s handy for is removing property without consent, it’s called stealing and I’m seeing about getting him for breaking and entering. Why do I always attract the trash of the world?

The bad thing about being bipolar is I keep it together during an emergency and do what needs to be done and then I fall to pieces after the emergency is taken care of. When my son tried to commit suicide I was literally scattered for a week.

I couldn’t think straight or deal with anything else as my son was my primary concern. I was back and forth to the hospital and mentally and physically exhausted. I wasn’t paying attention to items missing and didn’t even know they were missing from the house until yesterday when I brought Ryan home.

This is not going to be something I let go, no way I am going to get this jerk prosecuted and if he doesn’t return everything I will see that he burns and sits in jail for a while. I do not care anymore he screwed me so it’s time for me to drill him.