Morning Has Broken


Have you ever noticed how beautiful the sky is when the sun begins to rise? The sky looks like cans of paint have been thrown across the it. It’s so beautiful and gives me such a peaceful feeling, I can  see the colors through the trees and it’s as if the sunrise is sneaking up without anyone noticing.

The sun is slowly rising and lighting up the sky for the day, the beauty of the day is so awesome and I can see the squirrels are up early hiding their winter nuts, which they will have long forgotten where they hid them. The birds are chirping their morning wake up calls to the other birds and they are trying to eat as much as possible for winter weight.

The trees are shedding their leaves which will leave the trees completely bare exposing the trees naked trunk and branches. The morning is a beautiful time of day. Everyone is asleep and it’s just me, just myself being with my myself to enjoy the peacefulness without it being shattered by another voice. This morning is mine and mine alone.

One thought on “Morning Has Broken

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