How Do I

How do I tell someone how much I love them? Words cannot express the depth my heart feels for you, my arms are not wide enough to hug all of you and I don’t know how to make you feel what I feel. I do not want to hurt you and I do not know what you really feel for me, if anything.

I do not know what to do anymore as you will not come to me so I must walk away from you. My heart can’t take the pain any longer and if you love me, really love me you will let me walk away with what little dignity I have left. I look foolish enough in my own eyes don’t make me look foolish in your eyes or others.

We will not ever be hand in hand so let’s just shake and say so long, let me crawl away and hide, let me just say goodbye. It’s not that I want to hurt you, I just don’t want you to hurt me any longer.

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