Break Your Face

The only thing I hate more than lieing is when someone steals from me, now that really gets my panties in a wad. Being a female and a widow without a boyfriend I am a perfect target for the scum of the earth to prey on. Recently, I had just that happen to me, my son’s friends dad is a home repair ripoff sob.

My son tried to commit suicide several weeks ago and that is when he struck, he had come over several times before running his mouth and doing nothing. Then when I went to the hospital where my son was in icu with a tube down his throat as his heart had stopped this piece of shit raided my home when I was gone, he got in because I was so scattered I forgot to lock the door behind me.

He stole approx 3 grand of stuff from my house, but what really upsets me is he stole my sons xbox the deluxe one I guess it’s called, my sony headphones and Ry’s new computer I just bought him. This guy really screwed me over bad and I want to just break his damn face as a man doesn’t do like that but then again he is no man.

He even stole some new lingerie I had just purchased, damn I want to kick his balls up to ears so he can have earrings. I filed a police report and waiting to see if the prosecutor will take my case. I do not know how I’m going to do it but I’m going to have to pull an xbox and a new computer out of my ass by xmas.

As I sit here I have a movie playing in my head, I do a serious drop kick on that bastard and then spit in his fucking face. I am so upset about this and I just need to chill and remember it’s just shit, nothing more than material stuff. It’s a damn shame people have to be like that and I know if a man were around he would have never pulled that shit.

He better never come near me because I will punch him square in the nose, several times. I’m  seriously thinking about renting a bedroom to some big bulk of a guy that will scare off the suckers of the world. Hell, maybe trade services, maybe trade more than one service, lol. Just kidding, I don’t play well with little boys, I like the big men……..

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