The Shell

The shell sat on the bottom of the ocean until a fish swam by and swirled the ocean bottom which sent the shell whirling into the water. This tiny little shell traveled by itself every day and night not looking for anything special on its journey. Then the shell landed safely on the bottom of the ocean and looked up to see all the miracles of the ocean.

The shell realized he really needed some friends after watching the pod of whales swim above. The shell tried to catch every movement of water that went by it and finally it caught a current. Off it went sailing along the ocean bottom skipping across the sand and rocks until it ran into something big and hard.

The shell realized he had run into a squid, of all things. The squid and shell became the best of friends and the squid watched over the shell as if it were  her baby. Then one day a sea creature tried to eat the shell but the squid pulled out his pen and squirt ink all over that creature. The shell was forever grateful for such a wonderful friend and let the squid know by giving a huge hug to him.

The moral of the story is no matter how big or how small, no matter how weak or how strong, friendship is a wonderful thing to have in our lives and a true friend will never turn their back on you

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