In His Slumber

He thinks of her as he gets ready to fall asleep, he wonders if she is serious this time about leaving him. He can’t seem to keep a relationship alive for long and they have been communicating for over three years, she is the one that has been there for him and helped him in his hours of need.

She loved him for himself not who others think he is, she doesn’t care if he isn’t rich, she doesn’t want diamonds and gold all she wants is some of his time she can hold. She has forgiven him his terribly dirty deeds but he still cannot see the woman inside of she. He knows how special and different she is and hopes she will wait for him.

Hoping won’t make it so only his arms around her will make it so, He doesn’t want to lose her but he isn’t ready to show himself to her. He knows she is getting tired of being lonely and he knows she will find someone to love her only. All she would like to see is him happy, does he know this?

Of course he does but does he care? Does he know she is meant to be with him? Does he not believe in fate? Of course he does, but he just is too afraid to move forward and he can no longer hope to be happy with just one. His hurt is so deep and yes he still will weep but he has to allow her to love him just for who he is.

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