What are you doing for Halloween? I will be down at big Rick’s and Lynn’s doing jello shots and passing out chips. Every year these two and quite a few other neighbors hand out shots and beers, it’s candy for the adults and it is damn fun. I really enjoy Rick and Lynn and Rick watches over me like a mother hen.

Rick and Bob were really good friends and it tore up Rick when Bob died. Rick has offered me his manly “services” jokingly but he truly is a great guy.  I called Rick and had a talk with him about what I had found and he didn’t know anything about it, no I am not jealous at all, when two people are separated they are going to venture off into the wild blue yonder.

But you do not spend your children’s money on anyone but them, but money does strange things to people now doesn’t it?. My goal is to be debt free in two years and that will happen with no problem. I have some legal issues that are going to reward me handsomely and take care of my financial burdens.

How do I keep myself from having a meltdown? I look towards God, yes I know someone who acts like me be a believer? I am very spiritual and yes I pray to God and ask to help me keep the lid on the can of woop-ass, besides there is no one alive to woop-ass, damn now that really pisses me off.

He has made it so much easier to get rid of his shit that I keep finding, the only thing I haven’t pitched is the thirty boxes of nascar die cast that I am keeping for the kids to dump when they are like thirty. I found a pillow that hadn’t been washed and it had his smell on it. I threw that bitch in the hottest water my washer would put out and a ton of bleach.

Now I have a nice pillow that smell like downy and that works for me, that is because I do not have any men’s cologne that wasn’t his. Maybe I will go buy some just to turn myself on, lol. I have to keep my sense of humor or I will break down and I prefer to laugh then to cry, wouldn’t you to?

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