The Meeters

He contacted me online yesterday, said he was my soul mate and I began to think how he is more attractive to me the older he gets and he look like such a playful type of man, a man who is so much more a kid then a man in many ways. Ways that make life so fun, so crazy and silly.

How can I love this man so much and I have never met him? How can I think of nobody else but him all day? Why do I think of him when I am really sad and lonely? He is my rock as I have no one else but to be honest I really wouldn’t want anyone else to be that important to me.

He holds a place in my heart that no one has ever held and he means the world to me just as he is, no I do not want him to change a thing about himself as he is perfect just the way he is. He makes me laugh and he keeps me smiling when I need to the most, he’s a silly, crazy kind of person with a good heart.

I wish he would  do something special for my birthday like take me out to dinner, show himself for once and really be there for me for a change but I know that isn’t going to happen even though I will wish for that time to happen, even though I already know I will be letdown.

As It Goes On And On

Today was my trial for the felony charge, I am such a bad girl doing such terrible things like going into my deceased dad’s home looking for legal papers, with a probate document signed by the judge in hand. His roommate of thirty years refused to give me a copy of anything so I didn’t know if any docs even existed.

I will not go into what a piece of shit this pig is or how much I can’t stand the bitch but let’s put it this way, I wouldn’t hesitate to run her over several hundred times for letting my dad suffer the way he did in the end. Anyway, court is such a joke, first the judge is ALWAYS an hour and one half late, then Doris (the roommate) and her four groupies came walking down the hall and I could have sworn I was at the geriatric ladies dildo society.

They all had their hair done for the occasion and it was quite comical as they marched by. My attorney showed me some pictures today that he had just gotten and they show my suitcase filled with the legal documents I needed. Is the prosecution completely blind?

The court couldn’t get another judge to take my case and the one that would wanted me to waive jury trial, as if I have complete IDIOT stamped on my forehead. We ended up setting trial on November 14 and then Scott says it will take two days. It was a bit upsetting seeing the picture that had my dads ashes in a clear plastic bag.

Doris wants to see me burn so bad so she can keep my dad’s entire estate but that isn’t going to happen because I will not let her kids have what my dad worked for his entire life. My kids were his grandkids and they have a future ahead of them hell her kids are my age, get a life.

Before I get to enjoy the show of the 14th of this month I get to celebrate my fifty-third birthday, now aren’t I friggin special? Just another day I crawl up on the couch under a blanket with my jammies on watching pawn stars for the millionth time because Ryan likes the show.