Short Men

I have always been totally turned off by short men and that is anyone under 5’10”. I know it’s weird but I had tall relatives and all the men were at least 6’0″. Tall men make me feel safe and protected and for some reason being tall and towering over me as a child gave me a sense of safety.

Short men tend to have a Napoleon syndrome  personality and have to prove themselves by acting like a jerk when they are short. Short men I do believe feel insecure about their heighth and they abuse power or their position and I have noticed a lot of cops are short and they all have bald heads like they are of some special elite group.

Nothing is more of a turn off than someone abusing their power and forcing their will on another. I had a mexican boss that was short and what a complete moron he was. He tried to pull the “I have been discriminated against” defense when I filed a grievance against him. I was the grievance person on my shift and I filed more grievances than any other union steward.

He hated me with a passion and felt that I got special treatment because my husband was the boss. No, I did not get any special treatment, well maybe as he did get me new gloves when I needed them for work. This foreman gave mexicans a bad name in fact he gave short ugly men a bad name, period.

I wouldn’t screw him with my neighbors dick he was such an ass but some people are just that way. Anyway,  I like tall men and that will never change so for all the short men all I can say is good luck because you will never get my interest. Everyone has a special thing they like about the opposite sex and being tall is mine.

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