The Hurting

How do you let go of someone you love but you are hurting because of the connection? How do you say I love you but I cannot breathe without you but need too? How do you let go of the sadness that grips your heart? I need to know how because I surely do not know how.

I hate myself for loving him so much because it’s all one sided and is going nowhere fast. I can say he has been my rock, he has been there for me when I almost died but he helped to give me strength to take myself to the hospital. He has helped me through so many times and I have helped him as well.

He says we are soulmates, yet I have yet to meet him and that is what is hurting me so. He says we will meet one day, well one day is here and it’s time to show or go. I cannot keep living this way as it is just to damn lonely and I need to feel a man again, next to me, walking with me, talking with me, making love to me.

It’s a moment of comfort I need so badly, the hug of a naked male chest against mine, just a moment to know that I still can react to a man’s touch. I just want to be happy with someone, someone who loved me as much as I loved them and he is the one, so how do I let go?

5 thoughts on “The Hurting

  1. As long as that man has your heart, you might have to wait. What’s the point in walking when you’re still wishing he comes walking towards you. What’s the point in want to leave when you truly want to stay. You can have a random man at your side but it’s not the same, unless him has your heart. No one can give you advice when to walk away, because trust me when it’s truly time you wouldn’t look back!!!!

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