Never Forget

Have you ever been in a situation where there was only one person that could make you feel better? Someone that made you feel like they totally understood how you were feeling or they just listened, because they knew that is exactly what you needed at that moment? I have, I have been fortunate enough to have that shoulder to cry on.

We may not talk for months and then I have another catastrophe happen in my life and I reach for my life saver. He is always there for me until lately. He has been way to busy and I know how busy he has been and I totally understand he is chasing the snake and soon enough will catch it.

He is working so much that I am concerned about him getting run down and getting ill. People can only push themselves so much and then they do get it because they are not taking care of themselves properly. That is where I come in babe, ya I would make you eat right and sleep right.

I can make him so relaxed that he sleeps like a baby after touring half the globe. He is trying to set himself up to retire at forty five but the funny thing is, he will totally retire and turn right back around and come out of retirement. He has it in his blood and things are going to change for him and he will be quite happy for a change.

Ya, he’s there for me and it feels good but I wish we were together because it would really help me. I don’t know what he is waiting for but if it’s waiting for him to retire, well sorry that will not happen. I love him and maybe I am a fool, in fact I am a fool but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Putting Up

I would think most people are not able to see the things that are annoying to their partner or even room mate. Now, I have been told that I am not easy to live with, which I have no doubt. My first roomy and I got along great, we got along like sisters and it was great, but then my next roommate was a huge mistake.

I was engaged to a real loser and he was my first scammer. He stole my list of customers and all of my contacts for supplies and then when I found out he was screwing my gf who worked for me. I was working swing shift at the mill and running two mail order businesses out of my basement.

It was a very lucrative business until he screwed me over and then I closed shop a few years later and met my husband that I was married to for almost eighteen years.  Now I am alone and stupid in love with someone and I have no idea how he can have such a hold on my heart.

I would love the opportunity to find out what annoying habits he has, I can only think of a few that I can tell he has. Bad habits can be annoying and even break two people up but I really cannot think of a single thing I do that would annoy anyone, lol aren’t I special?

The J.O.B.

I have been retired for ten years and I manage never to get bored, isn’t that terrible of me? lol I can always find something to keep me busy even boredom keeps me busy. I would so love to have someone to spend my days and nights with but my soulmate is a workaholic. 

He is forever running hear, flying there and just running his body down, he doesn’t eat right, doesn’t sleep right and probably pops a ton of pills to get him through each day. He really needs to show me how much he appreciates me and wants to be with me, yes I do believe he should do that for my birthday.

He is such a grin with some of the stuff he does and how he thinks he can play with me, but I know all of his games after all these years, yes I do sweetheart. Smiling? Good I can touch you without you even seeing me, lol. You are a funny type and that  is why we fit so well together.

To crazy silly people just wanting to laugh and enjoy life, now is that so wrong? Is it something we shouldn’t desire? What are we going to do with Frankie? Make him the houseboy? lol I love him and you know it, he’s a great friend to you and you are so very lucky to have him.