Where Have All

Where have all the children gone? I was a child when I was seventeen but now girls as early as eight years old are getting pregnant. There seems to be no more childhoods for kids, they are born and tossed into adulthood at such an early age that they no longer can be kids.

There are too many pregnancies, divorces and break ups going on in our world today that children no longer have a chance to grow up the way they should, being kids. To many kids become responsible for their siblings because their parent has to work double shifts or afternoons and cannot be home to care for them.

I do not believe anyone should collect welfare and be able to have an iphone, drive a Cadillac or collect benefits if they cannot get work or at least show they are trying. I know the economy is hard but a little creativity has to come into play with you need money and how to raise it.

If we do not start changing our world now it will definitely go to hell in a hand basket, but how can you stop technology? The world is revolving around technology but why can’t we have technology and live somewhat in the past? Is it too much to ask to teach kids manners and let them be kids?

Tattoo Me

I have wanted to get a tattoo for about a year now and I still cannot think of what I want tattooed on my body. It has to be something I will like thirty years from now, that’s if I live that long. I am not afraid of the pain as the amount of pain is based on the part of the body that is tattooed.

No, I am not into tattooing my crotch or boobs, I want a piece of art for all to see, something that I am really proud of and something colorful. Color fades over time and it needs to be redone but I don’t care because pushing fifty three next week has awoken me up to where I am at in my life.

I am nowhere, that is where I am and I feel like I am spinning my wheels in a Michigan snow storm. I can’t wait to be on my own and my kids doing well on theirs. I just want to get on with things and move on in my time before it gets away from me. I just want what everyone else does, to be happy.

I do not know why life is the way it is but it’s time for me to be happy for a change, enjoy the holidays again and enjoy life again. It’s been such a very long time since I have experienced happiness that I don’t know how I would react to such an uncommon phenomenon in my life.