Knowing When You’re A Parent

I was thinking back to my younger days when I could wear those hot little skirts and I had a set of perky titties and cute ass. Those days are long gone as I bore children and life started the sag on. I have never thought about getting any work done on my face or body because I just, well I just haven’t until recently.

I though about having weight loss surgery but then I scratched that idea real quick because my luck I would gain two hundred pounds. I am ok with who I am and what I look like even though I would be happier thinner because clothes are so hard to find that I like. I do not care if someone doesn’t like me because of  my weight and never will.

I kind of like my little crows feet that are starting and ya my boobs sag and so does that mid section that hangs around after giving birth. When you are an older mom things don’t move back into place, no they relocate south and it’s so much damn fun trying to zip up jeans with that extra weight hanging around.

I am going to improve my health for myself not for what I will end up looking like thirty pounds lighter. I really do not care if I lose the wight or not, well that is a lie of course I will but it won’t change the person that I am or how stupid I can get at times, I will always be just me.

It’s Fall Yall

It’s a beautiful fall day in southeastern michigan as the sun peeks out before the evenings cold turns it into a partial moonlight. The nights grow cold and the fields filled with dormant weeds and grass along with flowers and bees. It is the time of year we snuggle, sip hot cocoa and nibble on cookies by the fire.

It’s a romantic time of year, the time of year relationships start or end and the warmth of two bodies is so appealing it’s as if you no longer care who’s body is next to yours just as long as there is one. It’s all in a dream of the dark and the under the warm covers of the night.

There is nothing that compares to fall or fall love and romance and things are so solemn in the air of the night. We pull out the night gowns, the ones that are warm but so unattractive and all he does is spoon with us at night and pull that night gown up to the middle of our backs anyway.

Finally Found You

Do you find yourself all tied up over someone? Do you find yourself tripping over a crack when you think of this person? Does this person make you forget to flush when you are done? Well, if you feel like this then join the crack jumpers  group, because I am a member, in fact the president.


I finally found you, yes I have and so many others have finally found theirs too. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to love someone? Love someone even if you trip and scrape both knees? Isn’t it a grand feeling to love someone and they make you feel scrupulous? They are your smile, they are your kiss.

He makes me want to listen to music all day and dance naked, swirling and twirling in my moments of complete acceptance. I like myself more because of him and ya he’s attractive but you should see his heart, his heart is more beautiful than his face could ever be anyway. I didn’t fall in love with a face no I fell for the complete package long before it was complete.

I think he fell too, I think he fell for me the second he saw my picture and then he saw me dance, dancing with just my black negligee on and nothing on underneath. I am a free bird and so is he so maybe one day, yes I do hope one day we soar into each other’s arms. Don’t you too?

The Little Things

It’s the little things that make up a person and what you love about them. I have a picture of you I look at everyday and I smile at the little things I see in your face and body. It’s the little things that have made you who you are and the person you are yet to become and I hope I can be there with you.


The twinkle in your eyes and that secret smile that holds the mischievous you inside are a few of the little things that make me love you, yes I do love you. The way the sun shines through your hair and the way your glasses perch on your nose are a few of the little things that makes me love you.

You are the perfect one for me but am I the perfect one for you? I hope I am because you are perfect to me and you are my everything, you should realize by now I cannot breathe without you. It’s you and the little things about you that make me happy when I think about you.

The Silly In Me

Have you ever been in a restaurant with someone and the conversation went flat? Neither of you speaking but looking out the window or at the other patrons? I think this has happened to all of us at one time or another, these are the moments I absolutely love because that is when I do really stupid shit.

I have been known to pick up the paper napkin and tear a whole in the center of it and stick my tongue through it at the person I am with. I do not care if I know them or not it breaks up the dead silence and both of us ended up laughing. That is the kind of silly that is harmless and fun.

Being silly keeps us young at heart and adventurous and it’s just plain fun, sometimes reality is much better than to have to be drunk or high to enjoy it. I am silly and love being that way and I do hope you enjoy my knock off pic of the adams family, it, remember it? Ok so I don’t look as good as him, o fuck yourself I look better, lol.

The Weight

I have had weight problems since I was in high school and I finally lost it when I graduated. I was able to control my weight until I broke my knee and could no longer work out. I had several knee surgery’s over several years and when I first broke my kneecap I had the cast on two days and my leg swelled up twice the size.

I was allergic to the casting material so they cut the cast in half to get it off and then wrap by leg in an ace bandage and used another bandage to get it on. It was a terribly painful ordeal and caused me so many problems. The weight of course piled back on and the older I get the harder it is to get rid of it.

I have seriously thought about getting the lap band, lipo suction and wiring my jaw shut and then I started to think about my neighbor, big Rick. He has the lap band and he lost a lot of weight at first but has since put it all back on. The only safe way to lose weight is the natural way.

I have finally figured out where to meet men to, at the gym of course! You can strike up some grand friendships at the gym and maybe I can be lucky enough to meet a personal trainer that won’t charge me, lol I seriously doubt that but what the heck one must always dream now shouldn’t one?