Knowing When You’re A Parent

I was thinking back to my younger days when I could wear those hot little skirts and I had a set of perky titties and cute ass. Those days are long gone as I bore children and life started the sag on. I have never thought about getting any work done on my face or body because I just, well I just haven’t until recently.

I though about having weight loss surgery but then I scratched that idea real quick because my luck I would gain two hundred pounds. I am ok with who I am and what I look like even though I would be happier thinner because clothes are so hard to find that I like. I do not care if someone doesn’t like me because of  my weight and never will.

I kind of like my little crows feet that are starting and ya my boobs sag and so does that mid section that hangs around after giving birth. When you are an older mom things don’t move back into place, no they relocate south and it’s so much damn fun trying to zip up jeans with that extra weight hanging around.

I am going to improve my health for myself not for what I will end up looking like thirty pounds lighter. I really do not care if I lose the wight or not, well that is a lie of course I will but it won’t change the person that I am or how stupid I can get at times, I will always be just me.

One thought on “Knowing When You’re A Parent

  1. As nudist we have several lady friends, middle age that think those same things are a problem. However as a man I still find these ladies pleasant to look at. There is beauty in all if you want to see it !!!

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