Relationship Lies

I wonder how a many people are in relationships because they get along with the person and they are somewhat happy in the relationship. Why do people stay in safe relationships instead of going after the person they really want to be with? Why do people sell themselves short like that?

I know someone that is doing that exact thing but I can do nothing about it and they seem to be content or at least semi content. There is no doubt a baby in the picture which we all know how kids affect a relationship, either good or bad and even controlling a manipulating at times.

I would never want to be in that position again, either get married or have the kid on my own. It was tough enough to make when I was thirty four and I of course, made the wrong choice. I wish I would have raised her on my own because I would have been so much happier than I was.

It doesn’t matter how attractive you are or how wealthy you are, no one is immune to being cheated on or dumped. I would think those would be the people who fall the hardest because they expect to get whatever they want or whomever. I do not think men forty-five and over should have children.

When men get about fifty five they want do to as they please and have their children raised. They want to enjoy kinky sex and traveling without the kids any longer. I can’t blame them either because raising kids is rewarding but so is it when they are gone as well. 

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