Just A Moment

I wish for once in my life there would be something exciting happen, my life is so damn white bread and vanilla it isn’t funny. That is why I do silly stuff when the moment grabs me. No one ever does anything special for me and my birthday is Friday and my kids and I will do nothing again.

We are to broke to do anything and I wont make a big deal out of it because it’s nothing but another year on my carcass. I’m no worse for wear and tear and no there wasn’t a bunch of crows feet that made their claim to the side of my eyes. My boobs still sag but haven’t dropped further either.

My ass is as wide as it was before Friday so I am not to disappointed there. I have a few scars and I’m ok with those as well, along with the surgery hole scars I have. My hair is still a dirty dish water blonde that I get highlighted when I need a good lift. My eyes are still blue and I still pretend not to hear people who annoy me.

So in a nutshell, I need something over the top fun, something or someone to make me laugh, laugh until I pee myself and I just want to have a grand time for a change. So who is going to step up and make this happen? Nobody, as usual and I just have to live with it now won’t I?

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