Moving To Fast

Everyone is moving so fast these days they have no time to enjoy their lives. I sit here day after day doing basically the same thing over and over because I have no money to fly away. I wonder if people move so fast because they do not want to deal with what is truly important in their lives.

People have kids, because they want kids and then when they realize how much kids change their lives they either no longer want to spend the time with their kids or they end up being a person’s entire world. It’s not good to let anyone be your entire world because you can end up getting crushed so easily.

If people would slow down and have a glass of iced tea on the back porch and just watched the grass grow they would be so much happier. People no longer enjoy the simple things in life or a simple life, the world is all about money and the more you have the more time you no longer have to enjoy it.

The only thing that keeps me going is God and what he has planned for me, I know that sounds stupid to so many but it is the truth and I believe he has a grand plan for me. I am not here just to take up space, no sir I have a purpose and I have already touched many people’s lives.

I am not an angel, I am not regular either as I am different for whatever reason. Some people think I am weird, some think I am wacked out and some know that I am a very good person with a good heart. I am what I am take me or leave me but I am proud of who I am.

Yes, my son and I have problems but at least we can acknowledge our problems and deal with them the best way possible. Being bipolar is a hard life, but it’s even harder when you refuse to deal with it. I seem to be pretty even keeled lately so anyone that has anything negative to say to me simply just go fuck yourself.

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