The Naked Truth

Relationships generally start going south when the sex goes in the toilet. It is a fact of life men love sex, they love the sound of it, the smell and taste of it, the visual and audible of it. Men cannot live without sex and will not.

Do you really think men don’t look at other women wondering what they are like in bed? Do you think men do not fantasize? Men think of sex like every six seconds so you have to keep it alive and exciting. Women seem to forget men are sexual creatures forever.

Men like to be teased and played with sexually through dirty chats and phone conversations. Phone sex is hot for men because they visualize what you say to them. Men like new and exciting, they like to come home to someone enticing.

Put away the granny nightgown and pull out the crotchless panties, stocking and garterbelt. Keep him home by keeping him excited to want to come home. I love to dress up only to dress down when I am in love.

I like to shake it up and get kinky, no not painful kinky but kinky kinky. I like to surprise the man who is in my life with different things. Sexy isn’t something you can buy or borrow, sexy comes from within and exudes like garlic through the pores of an Italian.

So let your inhibitions fall to the wayside and be the person he thinks he wants to be with and you will find your relationship to be more fulfilling and exciting.




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