The Perfect Birthday

When you have kids your birthday is usually an after thought or the kids need to be reminded. My birthday will be like any other day, the kids want to come home to hot homemade food and yes I am supposed to make a birthday cake for myself and dinner. I don’t mind because I love to cook and bake.

It would be nice if someone would make the day a tiny bit special for me but that never happens and I doubt it ever will. I am not into presents because I feel embarrassed when I received them. I do not know when this started but I have felt this way as long as I can remember.

Now I love to give gifts for others and watch them open them because I always manage to buy cool shit, don’t ask me how I just manage to do it. Maybe that is part of my unique personality, lol. I like to make special days special for others and for once I would love to have someone make my day super special.

I would so love to go downtown with the man I love and enjoy the city at night for a change or even lay in bed and watch a movie and order in pizza. I just want to spend one night with the man I love and I would be happy, so damn happy for a change. Why do people feel like they need to see each other everyday?

I don’t need to have a relationship with someone and see them everyday or every week for that matter. Why can’t we just see each other when it’s convenient for both? Why do we have to play these stupid little games of pretending we are not who we really are? Let’s just enjoy the time we can be together and let it fall as it may?

If someone says they love you doesn’t that mean they would want to be with you? Want to hold you, kiss you, make love to you? Doesn’t that mean they want to laugh like children and be carefree without boundaries or any type of restrictions? Why can’t life be simple instead of people making it complicated?

So come to me and make me smile and I will make you laugh, we can be stupid silly together and enjoy the hell out of this life instead of getting tied up with work and the pressures of daily living? Won’t you please come to me? on me? for me? Hell just come for my birthday please.

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