Forget Me Forget You

You will get tired of the dating games and when you do look me up, maybe I will still be available who knows? You better step up if you dont want me to forget you forever and yes that will happen as I have finally met someone that has my interest but I am giving you a chance before I open up to him. Once I let him into my life and my bed you will no longer be anything to me, not even a memory. It’s up to you but I wouldn’t wait any longer to contact me if you really want me and if you don’t o well.

When someone insists on contacting you on the internet constantly but can’t remember to say happy birthday to you then they are no friend or any kind of companion. It’s another quiet evening at home and the kids made me a cake but he couldn’t even call me and wish me a happy birthday.

Does it hurt? Sure it hurts but it has only solidified the closing of the door and I really no longer want to keep going on this way and I will not continue with his games. Today has come and gone as tomorrow will do the same and the day after that and each day will get easier until he isn’t even a faded memory.

You can ignore me on important dates but I can ignore and write you off as easy as writing a check that is going to bounce because of you. I have a long memory a very long memory and when someone hurts me I really do not have much trouble disposing of them from my life.

In turn, I can give the world and all the love someone could ever want or need and wasting it on someone who makes no time for me is a complete waste of what I have to offer. I am special in my own unique way and I will not let anyone make me feel less than I am and that is how he has been making me feel.

Why do we try to hang on to things or people who do not want us? Why do we waste time on people who are more impressed with themselves than anything else. I am finally getting my head in the right place and it doesn’t include him. His birthday is February 1 and I am sure he will be spending with someone new.

Hasn’t he figured out that he isn’t all that and that is why he can’t keep a healthy relationship? I don’t have a relationship because my husband died last year and I haven’t dated. He only the other hand can’t get back the woman he wants because she doesn’t want him romantically, he is nothing more than a friend to her but he can’t see that.

I don’t want him as a friend let alone a lover any longer, he doesn’t know me anymore than I know him but I do know I am not a thief or a liar, I am not a user or need my name in lights like he does and as far as I am concerned he has lost one of the best friends he has ever had.

This is the beginning of my life getting him out of it and if he thinks I will change my mind he doesn’t know me at all. You cannot trifle with my emotions because I do not take kindly to superficial crap from anyone. He has cut his nose off spite his face and he will one day regret all that he has done.


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