Self Gratification

There are those that love to go shopping and get self gratification from it and then there are those like me that believe self gratification is sexual. I have finally figured out how not to feel so lonely when self gratifying myself, I sit in front of the mirror and then I have company and I am no longer lonely!

I have also learned to hide the 64 pack of batteries from my kids so I never end up right on the edge and the damn batteries go bad. Self gratification is not evil and no you will not go blind or go to hell, if that were the case every man on earth would have a pass to hell already waiting for them.

There are those that have huge sex drives and fall in love with love which leaves them lonely and wondering what they did wrong. When a relationship doesn’t work out, it wasn’t meant to be and you can bet your bottom dollar on that. masturbation is such a dirty word to so many and they refuse to admit they partake.

My mother in law had the biggest black dildo I have ever seen and when she died I found her secret toy box. I threw it all away before my husband could see it because men do not look at their mother’s as sexual beings. From the looks of her toy box she was quite inventive and adventurous.

I would rather masturbate then go screw a bunch of men that I had no what golf course their putter had played on. Let’s be real, in today’s world you have to be so damn careful and cautious. I think the worse combination for anyone to be is over sexed and in love with love.

Those that are in love with love cannot see their desire to be loved so bad that they end up getting hurt and they generally get used. People love to be seen on the arm of the rich and famous and those individuals usually have a very hard time finding true love because the people they fall for are just going to use them up.

I prefer to stick with self gratification then to be with someone who wants only to use me and gain from me. I do feel sorry for those rich and famous people because trying to find real love and a real committment is so damn hard because of their money and fame. Once in a great while they will get a slap in the face by someone who has discovered that the life they want is not the life that the rich and famous live.

One thing I like about self gratification as I am never let down by anyone but myself and yes I do get pissed when I am at the edge and the damn doorbell rings or the phone. I am about to leave a message on the answering machine saying “Sorry, I’m masturbating and will not be disturbed” but then I would no doubt have more trouble at my door.

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