To Be Me

I am very sensitive and shy but most think I am quite the opposite because they do not know me. The front I put on is my armor against the world. I wear it well and have conveyed to many that I am tough and totally uncontrollable because it keeps them at arm’s length.

There are many of us, hurt souls that want the love that we are entitled to but we push it away because the fear of intimacy is our prison and keeps us from dealing with what we need the most. I want the world to see the real me for a change and I am slowly letting down my guard and the window is open and it blows in fresh air as I do this.


If you see me crying it’s because sadness has decided to steal my tears away as I celebrate through those tears. If you know me you will see a change in me that is unique and distinctly to myself. I am shedding my old skin and emerging fresh and exciting, wonderfully entertaining as well as enlightening.

Just watch me grow into a woman who is more awesome than the one that is currently surviving behind steel wall. There’s an answer to all questions we have. I am searching for my answers and guidance into the next phrase of breathing for me. I am me and you must love me as I am and as I evolve, sit back and applaud my transformation.


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