Friday Funky

To the one that is always on my mind, to the one no one can ever replace and to the one that is my soulmate…..



Some Things Are Just Funny

I think the one thing that makes everyone laugh is when someone farts. I think it is hilarious especially when I am the one doing the “every step farting”. The kids and I let em lose all the time and we always laugh. I cannot think of anything else that makes me laugh like farting.

  We have so many different kinds of farts and some are seriously dangerous. That silent but deadly a.k.a. as the sbd fart is the one that is a killer when in a closed area like a car or elevator. Then we have the wet one that always leaves a bit of itself behind and then you have those “little poppers” that are short but loud enough to make their presence known.

You cannot tell me you are not laughing as you read this because farts are funny and all of us laugh. First we laugh at the sound and then when the odor is real pungent we begin to laugh again. I just crack up and can’t help myself and no I do not feel sorry for the guilty one, because  most of the time it’s me, lol.


Party Not

I could be out having a great time tonight but my daughter is home for the weekend and it’s a way for her to transition back into the family. The guy I have started to date is a bit peeved that I set him aside for my daughter who will be 18 in January. He’s a heck of a nice guy but hey my kids come first in my life.

He is choking on this and it bothers him but I told him my kids are all I have and I am all they have and do not try to come before them because it will never happen. My kids don’t have the luxury of having family alive and I am the one they too for  everything.

He is beginning to assume he will see or talk to me every day and that is bugging me, he is moving to fast and showing signs of cracking where my kids are involved. I have no respect for anyone that puts someone they are dating before their kids, our kids were our choice and they should always be paramount in our lives.

I like spending time with my kids and Shelby is tutoring tonight and will be home soon. I enjoy my kids and I really am enjoying watching my daughter turn into a woman. I am so proud of her and can see her doing very well for herself and that is something to be proud of.

Ryan is doing better but he has lost a good friend at school, she no longer will have anything to do with him since his suicide attempt. It has to be so hard for him and he has asked to go to counseling twice a week and of course I have agreed. My kids have issues because of my husband and myself and not to let them work that out is a crime.


Lack Of Understanding

I am trying out this thing called dating since my husband passed away last year. I am finding it not all that it is cracked up to be and I am finding that I like my own company more than anyone elses. The guy I have started to date is really fantastic and any woman would be glad to go out with him.

He is too much too soon for me though and I don’t know how many times I have to tell him. He is pushing me away by stifling me and I am wondering if it is just me or is it him. I feel like the world is spinning to fast and I am missing so much, I like him but have you ever had someone else that occupies your mind?

I think I just can’t get “him” out of my mind no matter how hard I have tried, I know he is my soulmate but time hasn’t made a meeting prevalent yet. I do not know why he won’t come to me but I can’t get him out of my mind and heart and it pisses me off.

I need to see other men because I want to be so sure he is the one I want to be with and it appears no matter what I do he will always be in my life. We belong together and that is just the way it is meant to be and neither of us can continue to ignore what is before us, it’s  called being “in love”.

The Dyke

I am a closet grease monkey, I enjoy working on cars, riding lawn mowers or anything that has grease. Most women can’t stand doing laundry with greasy clothes let alone touch a dirty motor. I have short nails because it’s not so easy to get that grease from under the nails.

My husband and I did a role reversal as he liked to do the laundry and clean and I liked to fix things and take care of the funds. He would call me a dyke when I was covered in dirt and grease. There is nothing wrong with a woman working on motors or guys crocheting but we are taught differently.

We are taught that men did “manly” things and a woman did “female” things, this is all a bunch of crap as far as I am concerned. I think men and women alike should be able to cook, clean, repair ect and to call me a “tomboy” is just stupid. I have learned to take care of myself and damn proud of it.

I can be sexy as hell in my lingerie, wear sweats and have my hair in a pony tail, wear a business suit or be a grease monkey. I fit into any situation and I am comfortable but my husband was such a clean freak he drove me nuts at times. I couldn’t put a glass down without him snatching it up.

I like to be comfortable but that isn’t always possible and I do not like wasting time cleaning house. When my husband was dieing I learned that the appearance of the house meant nothing as the clock ticked away the minutes of his life. I need to get my butt to the orthopedic surgeon because the pain in my rotor cuff sux.

Some Of My Favorite Things

I really enjoy french soaps

Vitabath Green

Spearment and Ginger shampoo

Feather Pillows

minimun of 800 threat count sheets

Down comforter

plush robe and slippers

ice cream chocolate or strawberry cheesecake

homemade buttermilk pancakes

crisp bacon

black raspberry jam

being naked

wearing lingerie



taking sexy pictures

showering with another

plush towels

jacuzzi bath

soft music


lit candles and incense