The Dyke

I am a closet grease monkey, I enjoy working on cars, riding lawn mowers or anything that has grease. Most women can’t stand doing laundry with greasy clothes let alone touch a dirty motor. I have short nails because it’s not so easy to get that grease from under the nails.

My husband and I did a role reversal as he liked to do the laundry and clean and I liked to fix things and take care of the funds. He would call me a dyke when I was covered in dirt and grease. There is nothing wrong with a woman working on motors or guys crocheting but we are taught differently.

We are taught that men did “manly” things and a woman did “female” things, this is all a bunch of crap as far as I am concerned. I think men and women alike should be able to cook, clean, repair ect and to call me a “tomboy” is just stupid. I have learned to take care of myself and damn proud of it.

I can be sexy as hell in my lingerie, wear sweats and have my hair in a pony tail, wear a business suit or be a grease monkey. I fit into any situation and I am comfortable but my husband was such a clean freak he drove me nuts at times. I couldn’t put a glass down without him snatching it up.

I like to be comfortable but that isn’t always possible and I do not like wasting time cleaning house. When my husband was dieing I learned that the appearance of the house meant nothing as the clock ticked away the minutes of his life. I need to get my butt to the orthopedic surgeon because the pain in my rotor cuff sux.

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