Re Gift Him

I was telling my gf about this guy I have been seeing and all the presents he has attempted to give me. She said to me that I obviously needed to be slapped because I could take those gifts and sell them or re gift them for xmas. I thought I had a devious mind sometimes well I have got to tell you she has me beat, hands down.

First, I would never think of accepting his gifts but to think of selling them or re gifting them is just way out there for me. I know of people who re gift their kids gifts because the kids get way to much crap and if you have to buy for a lot of family members, well what the hell.

I would never re gift a gift given to me, omg to think of doing that takes some balls and mine just don’t roll that a way. I crack up when I think about it because that is just something that is even beyond me, lol and there is few things that fall in that category. My gf keeps on me to accept these gifts and give them to her, lmao.

Gotta tell ya, a friend like that is worth so much as she is a friggin riot and the two of us drinking is the best damn time I have ever had! Neither of us drink so we get drunk very easily and stupid, let me tell you we are stupid at it’s best and we should have our own stupid slow.

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