You Aint

No you are not special as you flew like to ten different countries in a day, do you think that is impressive? That isn’t impressive, what is impressive is watching you shower at the ymca using a bar of soap for shampoo. You and your expensive shit and sitting on your ass in your puddle jumper.

You do not impress me, in fact I am finding you a bit revolting as you sit with your iphone 5 and ipad mini in your fancy french hotel room. You forgot where you came from and you focus to much on where you are going. You spend more time wanting the brass ring than anyone I have ever known.

Tell me has your life been worth it the past four years? How does it feel to know you stole from me to give to a bitch that screwed another guy and was knocked up by him? You took my hard earned money and spent it on her, didn’t you? Of course your rich ass did and look what she did.

See, karma is a bitch and you haven’t even begun to see the end of it. You are self absorbed, spoiled famous rich fuck that is so full of who you once were you can’t see who you are. You do not belong in my world and you should not be reading my blog because it is filled with too much reality for you.

You have lived in a dream world since youth and that is where you should stay because my reality isn’t something you can handle let alone begin to understand.  Did you forget you told me you went to school for telecommunications? Like I didn’t know that is what has beens do?

They go into the field they know and when they know nothing else they are stuck in the field they once were a star in. Your knees are shot and you no longer have the speed of a gazelle so now you sit on the sidelines. Proud of yourself are you? Why don’t you do something really exciting for a change and trying something completely new?

You can’t because you are set in a path that is paved with money, lots of money. You could never live in the real world as a man because you do not know what it is like to be an average man now do you? Go back to Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia where the fuck ever cause I am sick of your lies.

Should I post a picture of you in red acting like Sagittarius? You could never be sagittarius because you stand for everything sag doesn’t. How in the world do you respect yourself? Get out of my life and stay out do you hear me? You can’t buy me like your whores and gifts are a joke, especially coming from you.

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