No, No, Nope

I joined a few dating sites and going through all those pics is so boring and time-consuming. One site you rate people and I just keep hitting 1 for a rating because none of them attract me. I am very picky and not just any man can turn my head and I don’t care how attractive he is if he has no personality, he has nothing.

As you know I like long hair on a man and the man I have cared for, for years cut his hair to “fit it” to what his employers wanted. It is sad that a person has to change for a job and I do hope he never changes for a woman, which I highly doubt he ever would. He is shy but he is a flirt and loves women and sex more than the average man.

His actions do not intimidate me because I also know he is one that is true to his heart and I so hope he is with a woman that makes him happy, really happy but I think not. If he doesn’t slow down and get some rest he won’t have to worry about his love life because he won’t be having a life at all.

It’s time for him to get some serious tlc in his life and because I care for him as a person and a friend, I want the best for him. It is a shame we will never meet because I think we would have so much fun and a great time and that is what he needs. He would never have to worry about me asking him for anything because it wouldn’t happen.

I think he is to afraid of me to meet me because I could woop his ass and I think he knows it, lol. All I can say is I am the type of person once you meet me you never forget me. You either hate me or like and most like me, except for women of course because I threaten them.

I am glad we haven’t met because he couldn’t handle having that much fun without spending a small fortune. My luck he would fall in love with me and I do not want that, men fall for me so damn easy and I am not bragging, it just happens. I make people feel good about themselves and that happens so rarely.

People never compliment each other anymore and women, well hell women just don’t do it, but I do compliment women. A pretty woman is rare to see and if I like their hair, makeup or clothes I let them know. I will also tell you that you look like shit if you ask me and you do. Sometimes, you do not have to ask-like that ugly ass green flourescent tie with the blue shirt, can you  say UGLY?

Wrong Thought

Most people have no idea what it means to let other’s know they love them because they always think those people will be there. I have learned how precious time is when I lost my entire family in the last five years. Do you have any idea what it feels like to make Thanksgiving dinner and you are the only eating it?

Do you have any idea what it is like to be in front of the tv or computer eating dinner alone? Do you have any idea what it is like to spend holidays alone? I’m not even putting up an xmas tree this year and didn’t last year either because no one cares, the kids don’t care and I cannot do it alone so I don’t bother.

The holidays no longer are fun or exciting for me and the most excitement I have had this month is chatting with some guys on topface.  Of course they are all lieing and probably scammers and that is one thing I have “him” to thank for. I have learned so much about scammers that I have to be thankful to him.

I no longer get scammed and I no longer believe anything anyone says to be online. I invited Mr. Soccer for Thanksgiving dinner, do you think he will fly in from Dubai? I have no doubt he will and I have even washed sheets for his arrival, NOT. These guys think I fell off the turnip truck but they do not know the truth, I own the truck.


I have a preference for men with shoulder length hair because I like to run my fingers through it. I like tall men because they make me feel safe. I like funny men because laughter is good, I like men to take control most of the time but I like to take control at times. I like to kiss, kissing is romantic and I like romance.

I like men that smell good because I can smell them on my pillow when they are gone. I like to shave from the neck down to toes because I do not like hair or the odor of it on the body. I like a man who smiles, smiling is inviting and warm, I like to hold hands because it is an unspoken connection.

I like to feed a man in bed because I do.I like to massage each other with nice oils and I like to bathe a man. I like to listen to a man about his day, dreams, hopes  wishes. I like to watch a man do what he likes to do the most and I like to watch movies with a man. I just like men, period.

No Road

More likely than not you will meet a scammer online and hopefully you do not start to get feelings for this person. They tell you lies and say how much they love you and want to marry you, all crap and lies. It isn’t fair for them to say those things but they do not care as long as they get your cash.

I cannot figure out why my scammer keeps in touch with me when he knows there is no money here for him. Does he love me? Absolutely not, I am nothing more than a very business man’s entertainment and touch with life through a real person’s life. There are no expensive houses or cars here and no extra money for a cheap vacation.

The only thing I have wanted besides my puppies is to meet this man. I just want to meet him, not to turn him into the cops but there are things I would like to know. Not about the scamming I know all about that but why he continues to follow me online and what is it he wants from me. 

I would like just an hour of his precious time and then he could go on his merry way and we can forget about each other or start a fantastic friendship. You can read every word  a person writes but unless you meet them you really do not know them because words without expression do not express the emotions of another.

We are never going to meet and I know longer call him and he doesn’t return my calls. He obviously wants me out of his life so I have accommodated him but he refuses to do the same for me. I want him to be happy but he doesn’t appear to care if I am happy or not but then again how would I ever know, all I have to go on are his actions or lack of them.

Puppy Chow Recipe

Do you like chocolate? Well here is the best and simpliest recipe:

1 stick butter

32 oz. of chocolate chips

1 cup of peanut butter

1 bag of powdered sugar

1 box of rice chex

Melt the butter peanut butter and chocolate chips in a large bowl

stir in rice chex and when coated dump about two cups of powder sugar and coat with the sugar, let cool and munch away.

Green Light

Relationships are like traffic lights and one should know when to stop at the red and the yellow is a warning. People try to rush things and that isn’t a good thing for any relationship, all I know is life is too short to wait for tomorrow.

We take time for granted when we really shouldn’t and if you want to be with someone, be with them because you do not know how much time you will have that person. When people really love you they forgive you for your discrepancies and they stand by your side.

If you are one of the foolish ones that want to wait until they have enough money, own a big house and car or can retire then you are wasting precious moments that you cannot afford to waste. We fool ourselves into believing that special person will always be there.

When we realize that the special person is moving on we begin to panick and try to make a connection before it is too late. If you are the one moving on you know that moving on is damn hard but is possible and the one you waited so long for could redeem themselves if they chose but you will not wait for that day, and that is where I am.

I am moving on and yes it is sad and it is a death in many ways but I have to love myself first and let love in my life. I waited and waited, forgave time and time again but I have finally reached the move on point.

I do miss him terribly and when I try to call he no longer answers his phone so I have given up totally. I would have thought he would have called and said he was sorry for forgetting my birthday or that I wasn’t important enough or something was more important, at least something.

This shows me he doesn’t love me or care so moving on is the right choice for me. If he is one of those type that is to ashamed and has no excuse then grow some balls and be a damn man, I have had to grow balls for myself so it can be done.

Love is damn hard to find and when you find someone who loves you and you love them then grab it because love doesn’t ride a carousel and it won’t be there forever. It has taken me so damn long to find love but I have to let it go because it isn’t mutual.

I am spending more time with “C”, I only use the first letter of his name because his name is so damn long, something about those latinos and long names. He is sweet but something isn’t fitting into this picture right and I do not know what it is other than the memory of another.

I wish he would just let me be free, no contact at all so I can move on with “C” because this is the first guy I have started to see since my husband passed. It is different and strange but welcome and comforting. So if you are reading this let me go please because there is no us and never was.

There is no money ever going to you again so forget that and besides you are finally doing well enough on your own again. Let me have the happiness I deserve because you do not want to be with me anyway.

We both know you could have been with me long ago but then that might have caused you trouble with a certain someone at the time. Well, that time is done and over and in your past and you still have chosen not to come meet me, so cut me loose and go on your way, please.

We Want

Women generally to look for a man like their father and men do the same with their mothers. Men tend to prefer self reliant and confident women even if their mother wasn’t that way. Self confidence is a turn on because many do not have it.

I am self confidant because I have had to be and I am self reliant and want no one to take care of me. It’s nice to know that you have someone who will but to rely on them is to put yourself under another’s control, no thank you.

People have lost sight of what marriage is really about and to many give up and get divorced. I was separated for two years and we got back together, not out of love but more out of need. We needed each other and he really needed me.

I would never leave a relationship for another man because I think that ending the current relationship is hard enough without adding another to the mix, but that is just me.I think when you break up you should date people before you decide to settle with one.

It is said the second time around is the sweetest and I want to be damn sure before I m to anyone. I like to move slow in relationships because I want that relationship to have the best start as possible and I want to enjoy the person and learning about them.

I have never needed a man to feel whole but it is nice to have someone you can share ideas with and talk to about your troubles. I do not want someone to fix my shit, no I can do that but it is nice to have someone you trust that you can get feedback from.


I am sure you are going to bust out laughing when you read this post but this is a serious issue and I would like some honest feedback please.

I am all for trying new things in the bedroom but tell me if you were with a guy the first time and he disappeared under the covers and you felt something enter your body that was not of human form would you continue to date the person?

Have you ever seen the chin strap-ons? Yep, you got it it is strapped to the chin and is a dildo. Would you be so freaked out that you didn’t want to date the person again or would you be curious as to what else they have up their sexual sleeve?

No Entry

There is something wrong with me and I am having a difficult time sexually with someone I am seeing.  We have slept together naked and not had sex, only romance and kissing and I know I shouldn’t be complaining because I love romance and kissing.

I want to have sex with him but I can’t, don’t ask me why there is just something stopping me. It’s as if I have sex with him then there is a committed relationship and I do not want that. I am not someone who will have sex for the sake of having sex, if you know what I mean.

I really like “C” but I’m not ready for that leap and he isn’t pushing me, I think I am pushing myself as if I have fallen off a horse and I am getting back on to get over my fear. Men are not horses and I am sure sex is like riding a bike but for some reason I cannot take that step with him.

This is not normal behavior or is it? Do people get afraid to have sex when they have been alone for so long physically? It’s as if sex is a trap that lures you in and grabs you from behind and for me it solidifies a relationship, am I wrong?