No Entry

There is something wrong with me and I am having a difficult time sexually with someone I am seeing.  We have slept together naked and not had sex, only romance and kissing and I know I shouldn’t be complaining because I love romance and kissing.

I want to have sex with him but I can’t, don’t ask me why there is just something stopping me. It’s as if I have sex with him then there is a committed relationship and I do not want that. I am not someone who will have sex for the sake of having sex, if you know what I mean.

I really like “C” but I’m not ready for that leap and he isn’t pushing me, I think I am pushing myself as if I have fallen off a horse and I am getting back on to get over my fear. Men are not horses and I am sure sex is like riding a bike but for some reason I cannot take that step with him.

This is not normal behavior or is it? Do people get afraid to have sex when they have been alone for so long physically? It’s as if sex is a trap that lures you in and grabs you from behind and for me it solidifies a relationship, am I wrong?

5 thoughts on “No Entry

  1. It is an energy between that keeps you from him and yourself. It may not be spoken but it is present! This happens when a physical attraction is somewhat present but not drawn to! In other words there is an attraction that happens that sees no thought hence going through with it cause of a connection that is present. If you are not experiencing this then you will probably only have something your heart needs for now, but it will also be what you can be without! Do you understand?

  2. That makes sense to me. Sex can make things move more quickly, and if you’re not ready for things to move that quickly, maybe you know that you’re doing. I know many people are hesitant about sex and how it may complicate the relationships that they have. It might be useful to figure out what sort of relationship you want to have right now and how you can have that kind of relationship. Don’t forget to tell your partner how you feel and what you want so there aren’t any confusions. Moving at your own pace and not doing anything that feels pressured is always the best way to go in my book.

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