I am sure you are going to bust out laughing when you read this post but this is a serious issue and I would like some honest feedback please.

I am all for trying new things in the bedroom but tell me if you were with a guy the first time and he disappeared under the covers and you felt something enter your body that was not of human form would you continue to date the person?

Have you ever seen the chin strap-ons? Yep, you got it it is strapped to the chin and is a dildo. Would you be so freaked out that you didn’t want to date the person again or would you be curious as to what else they have up their sexual sleeve?

9 thoughts on “OMG

  1. I don’t know how I would feel about seeing them or being with them in the future. I would be very unhappy about it and probably a little mad about it too. Number one if you don’t want to give me the real deal don’t waste my time or yours because that is what I am looking for the most. It has been to long to be trying some toy. Number two if you have some kind of problem and can’t give me the real deal this is something that should have been disclosed upfront before anything went this far. Not saying I wouldn’t date someone who had problems in that area or that I am against toys, God knows the last one lacked in the bed room so horribly bad and couldn’t be taught. But I didn’t leave him because of it. If you really want to be with that person you work with what you got. For lack of better words lol.

    I would be mad the fact that toys were not brought up before hand and where both parties stood on them and when they wanted to bring them into the mix. That is something that should be talked about and agreed upon before they are just used. Two the fact that they are going to bring some toy they have played with with who knows who else over and use it on me and not even tell me first. That is just really nasty to me. I don’t care how well you clean it. Toys are not meant to be shared.

    A big thing he should really thing about is he don’t know what women have been threw in their past and what doing something like that with out telling them could bring up. Women with abuse and things from the past are known to have problems with even just being checked out at the doctors and them having to use the things they do. Even though they might be ok with being with that person they may not be ok with them doing something like that with out them knowing first or may not be ok with it at all. He better be careful doing something like.

    Don’t know if this is the kind of feed back you wanted or not but those are just some of the things that first came to mind when reading your story.

    • lmao I cant really say, what if I really liked it, but that still is a violation I think and he should have discussed it with her. I would be somewhat insulted because that is ones body and well……

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