It’s All New

If you are thinking about starting a new job or business, taking a relationship to the next level, building a home or anything that is a new beginning, you couldn’t have picked a better time. When you have a Lunar Moon backing up your move it is like having the entire world as your backer.

I am very thankful for this coming Lunar Moon because my life is changing quite a bit and it is all for the good. I have the backing needed to open my heart to a relationship and I have the support needed to make it a successful relationship. I am looking into starting a business because I need the money to help my daughter through college

My kids are my total responsibility and no one elses and I will get my kids through school on my own because, well because I can and I am determined enough to find a way to make money. I thought about becoming a dating scammer but to be honest I am to lazy to invest that much time into someone just to rip them off.

To be honest I rather do phone sex because it’s easy money and you can work your own hours. I will do what I need to, to get the money to get my daughter through school and then she has law school. She wants to be a judge one day and my attorney Scott is going to give her a job next spring.

I am starting to trust someone and that is scary because when I start to trust you I become vulnerable and I do hope I am not making a mistake by letting this person near my heart. I do hope he realizes this is a huge step for both of us and I think we are both walking on egg shells getting to this point.

He has had to admit something and he did last night, which I was literally shocked that he did. He took a hell of a chance finally opening up to me but I  think he finally realized he was losing and I wasn’t playing. We are finally in a place where he is comfortable setting a time and place to meet me.

The timing is as it should be because the next two years will be the “training ground” for our relationship. He will be gone a lot but we will be able to see each other maybe once every couple of months. This is a nice way to build a relationship because the distance allows us to focus on who we are and showing that to each other.

We both have a over the top sex drive and I think cam sex and phone sex keep a relationship hot and exciting. I think skype chat is a great way for us to keep in touch. I am so, I don’t know the word but for him to show himself last night just floors me because he trusts me that much.

You have no idea what his trust means to me and I am totally floored, literally in shock. It makes me feel so good that I have finally earned his trust and believe me to earn his trust is saying something. We have four years behind us and now we have each other and moving slowly is what we both feel comfortable doing.


Paradise Secret

All of us have our dreams but how many of us have sat down and mapped out their secret paradise? I have and long ago I started building my secret paradise in my mind. I have refined that secret within me and I find I am happier every time I go to my secret paradise.

My place is one of naked love and freedom, respecting myself and the man I am with to have trust and both of us living our lives together but separately. He does what he needs to and if that means he is gone for a month at a time then so be it, if it means he needs to be with his family then I encourage that as well because siblings and parents need to stay connected.

My paradise is a ranch home with black raspberry bushes and a summer garden, my paradise is taking care of my children until they are on their own and then I want to be with the one I love. I do not want to get married but I would if he wanted me too because men are like that, they like predictability and security as well as women.

I do not need to be married because I totally trust my partner and I have always felt that if you aren’t happy do not cheat just pack up and leave. I do not have time to cheat because my focus is on keeping the one I love happy and yes that is a full time job because relationships don’t fix themselves.


Knowledge Man

Our parents shape who we look for in a mate and when you do not have a parent of the opposite sex around then you have a difficult time finding the person for you. I only had my mother to shape my views and so I ended up in bad relationships and allowed myself to be used, abused and manipulated.

My dad and I started to build our relationship in 2007 and I can tell you I have yet to meet a man that impressed me the way my dad did. My dad was a genius, literally and I learned so much from him that I have yet to meet a man that held my interest like my dad. My dad could make me feel so good about myself when my own husband was tearing me down.

My dad loved food, absolutely loved it and there are certain things that my great grandmother used to make my dad that triggered a positive emotion from him. My great grandmother’s lemon meringue pie was one of those foods. I would make him a pie once in a while and he would tell me how much he liked it.

When he was dying I made some chili and took it to him and he couldn’t get enough of it. My dad’s last meal was my chili and that makes me feel really good as well. I miss my dad but I have someone who reminds me of him an awful lot, which is hard to do. The person I speak about is a “knowledge man” because he seeks out knowledge constantly and he enjoys learning.

He is extremely smart and I am not so sure he doesn’t have a genius IQ as well. He reminds me of my father which is new to me because I know of no one like my dad. This person is so like my dad but even better, he has the capability to show love and affection which my dad could not.

I think he is pretty awesome just as he is and behind closed doors I am sure he is pretty special as well. Behind closed doors he can be himself, he doesn’t have to live up to any ones expectations but his own. He can walk around naked if he so chooses and he can be a total slob but I doubt he is a slob every, messy at times maybe.

This person means the world to me and we have a connection that is of soulmates, I respect him immensely and sometimes he surprises the hell out of me. He is everything I have always wanted in a companion and I am his personal cheerleader without blowing smoke up his arse.

Back Seat Terror

My son Ryan, daughter Shelby and James the one I have adopted all decided to brave Black Friday. I needed a new mattress for my bed and so I bought one, finally. It came with a 32” tv and that just wouldn’t do so I upgraded to a 60″. My husband spent 5 grand on one and Ryan and I were arguing and he threw his phone at me and I threw it back hitting the tv and breaking it.

It was actually a good thing because I want no reminders of my husband and that tv screamed at me everyday to remember him. Anyway, Ryan has his drivers permit and he was driving and James was in the passenger front. Shelby and I were in the back seat and have you ever looked at someone and your eyes were wide open?

Shelby and I were looking at each other like we couldn’t wait to get our feet on the ground. Ryan was afraid to part so we went in a circle four times around a parking aisle until he finally parked. Shelby was making fun of him to me and he over heard her and threw down the keys he was so mad.

He has already gotten his first speeding ticket which cost 130.00 dollars and he does scare the hell out of me. Shelby and I are getting along so good since I finally admitted my fear of losing her and I think she is beginning to understand how I feel. We are to go to court with cps next month and the judge is going to order her to move back home.

I told her I wouldn’t make her move back and I won’t because I have to accept my little girl is a young woman. So we are slowly mending our relationship but none the less both of us are scared to death of Ryan’s driving. I do not remember Shelby being that bad but we made it home safe and sound.

Thy Honor

I have never met or spoke with someone famous, that I can remember anyway, not that it would have made a difference in my life. If you met someone famous would you brag about it on facebook to your peeps or call all of your friends? Would you still brag if you knew that you could hurt the famous badly?

Famous people are only elevated by people not heaven and they put their pants on the same way as a non famous person. You have no idea if they are going through a divorce, could lose their children or visitation. You have no idea what you have done to hurt someone who is innocent.

My friends went to Toronto for our senior break and my mom asked me if I wanted to go to Mexico instead. She didn’t ask, no she manipulated me because she wanted to go on a vacation so of course I caved in. We went to Acapulco and that is where I met Tino, he had great eyes and long dark hair and a smile for days.

We had a great time and fell asleep on the beach and when I went back to the hotel in the morning my mother called me a slut, whore, trash ect. the best part of the trip was walking in the door at home so I could get away from her. Tino made me fall for latino man because he was so nice, funny, silly, romantic and all the cotton in the candy.

I have no desire to hurt anyone and if I ever did meet someone famous I think they would be a bit taken aback at my lack of interest in them. I cannot see any point in being interested in someone because of who they are because even the famous have problems in their relationships.