Nickels And Dimes

I have spent the better part of today adding stuff on amazon and ebay and wrapping books to ship tomorrow. I spent several weeks getting all of my books together and anything I can sell instead of giving it away. Last week and this week have brought in over 200 dollars which is always needed.

I am selling as much stuff as I can because I do not want it and when I move it will be so much easier. I have this huge house that I cannot maintain any longer or keep clean. My husband was fanatical about cleaning because he had nervous energy and he was always in the wheelchair in the house.

Two things my husband was awesome at was keeping the house clean and driving us places. I hate driving, absolutely hate it because I do not like speed limits and cleaning house is a waste of time because I have other things to do that are more important to me. I really cannot wait to sell this house and selling all the crap makes me money plus eliminates crap I do not need.

My son wants the money from his kinnect and other stuff but he seems to forget he just got a 130 dollar speeding ticket, which he will pay for. I am not going to make life easy for him and he is going to have to learn he has to pay for his mistakes just as all of us have to.

I hope Ryan gets a girlfriend at his new school because that would make him feel so good about himself. There is no way my kids meet anyone until Ryan has someone who will love him and he loves her back. The first girlfriend/boyfriend makes a huge difference in a kids life and his happiness is my happiness.


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