Want It

When you have feelings for someone it always feels so good to tell them or show them. I have feelings for two men now and I really do not know which one to choose. The one that is doing flips for me is making me very happy and the one that I am not sure how he really feels is always on my mind.

So what do I do? I do nothing because when I can’t choose I think about it for a few days then make my final decision. The one that is long distance show me nothing but games so that is his first strike. I can afford not to settle for less than I deserve because I am seeing people for who they really are.

I am eliminating the old and useless and opening the door for new and useful. It doesn’t matter what your feelings are for someone else because you have to put yourself first no matter what. Nobody is going to come and take care of me and I know that so I put myself first for a change.

I have finally built a suit of armor for myself and I am not so easily pushed over. I have reached my “fed up” point. I am fed up with people trying to railroad me and use me, I am fed up with the games and lies and I am fed up with being ripped off. I am taking back what is mine and walking away from people and things I no longer want.

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