There’s a  new show on tv called “catfish” and it’s about people falling in love on-line but never meet the person. The show tracks them down and the two people meet which is devastating when you think the guy you are in love with is a woman.


It’s very emotional devastating for these people especially the catfish. People do not realize that these “games” can do some real damage including suicide. The embarrassment one feels is stripping and baring of a heart. 

Playing with others emotions is the worse thing you can do to someone and you can really hurt their lives. People are so damn needy and greedy that they cannot see past their own selfishness.

The catfish falls for all the sweet talk and they feel so much better about themselves but when the truth comes out it is such a slap in the face and we feel so stupid that we lose our self esteem.

2 thoughts on “Reality

  1. This is also a movie that I saw earlier this year, it makes you question how safe is Facebook? It is scary that someone can simply save your images and pretend to be you! There is a number of fake profiles out there!!!! It is a great eye opener!

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